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Analysis Of My Mother Pieced Quilts - 909 Words

In everyday life, culture defines the way we view our world. Culture is expressed through things like religion, art, family values, and even food. It can show the background of peoples. It can be greatly influenced by the places they live. Culture has a large effect on the way one views others and the world as shown in stories â€Å"My Mother Pieced Quilts† and â€Å"Everyday Use â€Å"My Mother Pieced Quilts† by Teresa Paloma Acosta is a poem about a girl that describes her mothers quilts past and seems to be showing that peoples cultural background have a mass effect on the way one views others and the world.The girl describes how the quilts â€Å"were just meant as covers in winters as weapons against pounding January winds† (lines 1-4).When she woke†¦show more content†¦Maggie â€Å"is homely and ashamed of the burn scars down her arms and legs, eyeing her sister with a mixture of envy and awe†(line 3-4).The mother then starts to go into a fantasy dream about â€Å"TV shows where the child who has made it is confronted, as a surprise, by her own mother and father, tottering in weakly from backstage. (A pleasant surprise, of course: What would they do if parent and child came on the show only to curse out and insult each other?) On TV mother and child embrace and smile into each others faces†(lines 3-7).Mom describes he rself as â€Å"large, big, boned woman with rough, man.working hands†(line 5).Finally, Dee rolls into the driveway with a dude. Dee, who is wearing â€Å"a dress down to the ground, in this hot weather a dress so loud it hurts my eyes† and the dude (an Arab guy whos name is Hakim-a-barber) greet the narrator and Maggie with fancy Arabic â€Å"Asalamalakim†(line 23) and African â€Å"!† (line 21) salutations. Dee announces that shes changed her name to â€Å"Wangero†Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of My Mother Pieced Quilts821 Words   |  4 Pagesoldest daughter changes her name and doesnt appreciate her culture, Dee and Maggie both want the family quilt. Dee wants the quilt, but the mom doesnt want to give the quilt to her, she wants to give the quilt to Maggie. Maggie wants to hold on to her heritage and Dee doesnt understand her heritage, her mom knows that Dee wont hold on to the family heritage.In the poem â€Å"My Mother Pieced Q uilts† memories revolve around the poem.The poem is mainly about the mothers talent of weaving and how sheRead MoreMy Mother Pieced Quilts Analysis840 Words   |  4 PagesAmerica,† Bharati Mukherjee describes her differing views of living in America with her sister, despite both being raised in India. In the poem, â€Å"My Mother Pieced Quilts,† by Teresa Palomo Acosta, Teresa how this quilt that her mother made for her involves all these pieces of her past that are stitched together. In the short story, â€Å"Everyday Use,† a mother describes the effects of living in a low income community and a certain style of parenting that shaped the way her two daughters view their pastRead MoreClays Quilt1863 Words   |  8 PagesBrett Johnson Clay’s Quilt Chapter 23-25 Summary amp; Analysis Chapter 23: Summary: The start of chapter 23 began with Alma talking to her sister, Evangeline, about how Clay has been acting since he shot and murdered Denzel. Alma describes Clay’s personality being completely dull ever since the incident, â€Å"all he does is come straight home from work and sits down in that chair and stays there the rest of the evening.† p. 253. Evangeline tries convincing Alma to talk Clay into leaving the area

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