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The Africaness of Ancient Egyptian Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Africaness of Ancient Egyptian artworkwork - Essay ExampleEgypt and the African civilizations surrounding came into closer contact largely through political subordination and trade. Egypt built some of its strongest ties with Nubia, located in what is now Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. Nubia was home to angiotensin converting enzyme of the earliest black civilizations, dating back to 3100 b.c. It was also rich in gold, ebony and ivory and would contribute greatly to Egyptian wealth.Egypts transaction with Nubia from 1950 b.c to 1100 b.c. have been noted as being one largely of domination. During this time decimal point Nubia adopted many aspects of Egyptian culture, such as the hieroglyphic writing system and the worship of Egyptian gods, although in many respects they adapted them to their own practices and rituals.In recent years the discovery honest Thebes of a tomb dating back to 1575 b.c has led to renewed interest on the nature of relations between the two nati ons. The finding consists of 22 lines of hieroglyphics, which describe the invasion of the Sudanese Kingdom of Kush in Egypt. Mamdouh El-Damadi, the theatre director general of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo emphasized the importance of the inscription in understanding Kushite ambitions in Egypt (El-Ahram, p. 10). Some eight hundred years later the Kushites would be called upon to save Thebes from Northern invasion, an alliance that would turn out in the rule of Egypt and Nubia of Kushite kings. While historians have often portrayed Egypts relationship with the African continent as that of dominator and dominated an examination of Egyptian artwork shows us that, indeed, it is far more complex. Ancient Egyptian artwork was dominated by a strict set of rules, or a code, if you like. This code was called Frontalism and its most evident features were the military personnel figure shown rigid with its head and legs turned to the side, but with its eyes and body forward facing. disrespe ct the severity of the figures stance their facial features are described as serene. Another aspect of Ancient Egyptian art is its continuity over a three thousand year old time span. Lisa Kremen notes that one of the most noticeable aspects of Egyptian culture was its ability to preserve the past and prevail with relatively teensy-weensy change (www.bergen.org). As far back as early life in the Sahara we can actualize influences that would later be present in Egyptian Art. The Tassili cave paintings provide us with information some early life in the Sahara, before the desert began to dry and populations moved towards the Nile. Abimbola Asojo claims, contemporary historians have punctuate the influences of Saharan art and engravings on Ancient Egyptian art. Some of these scholars believe Ancient Egyptian art borrowed heavily from Sahara art which preceded and ran parallel to the Egyptian form (p. 129). Many of the figures in the paintings show aspects of Frontalism, with the fig ures rigid in posture and the heads and legs in profile (see image 1). Of additional interest is the similarity between the depiction of human figures at Tassili and those of the Amarna period (see image 2). Differentiating from previous periods in Ancient Egyptian art Amarna art resides in the physical appearance of Akhenaton, his wife and his daughters. Their elongate craniums, drooping features, long necks, pot bellies, large hips and

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See instructions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

See instructions - Essay ExampleThe policies covert impartation of knowledge and motivational activities with the focus of highlighting the cruciality of muckle hygiene. (Richards and Chesley, 2002).Murray et al (2009) argue that the character of pre and post intervention test outcomes that show health workers knowledge level about prevention and underwrite of infections caused by not airstream or improper hand washing will go a long way in reducing the level of such related infections.Proper washing and rub of hands by health workers has proven to be cost effective in preventing and controlling of nosocomical infections. This has been gain through drastic drop in the number of HAI transmitted by contaminated gloves and hands and thereby reduced morbidity and mortality rates. This would mean loss of human, social and economic capital (Whitby et al. 2006). The outstanding argufy to LTC has been and still remains to be placement and availability of alcohol based hand sanitizers to be utilize by the doctors, health workers and residence in an appropriate manner.It was found out that Personal Support Workers and nurses at Whitby Long term care were not washing hands before and after providing care on each patient. The practitioners fail to wash their hands despite having the knowledge that LTC facilities serves an exceptional group of people and learn unique environmental challenges thereby making them the highest transmitters of infections. Infection is the principal cause of mortality and morbidity and similarly gives rise to the highest number of transfers of patients from LTC to acute care hospitals. (Richards and Chesley,2002).I have chosen this issue because the hand washing hygiene remains to be the most significant procedures in preventing and controlling hospital acquired infections (HAI). Upholding compliance and sustaining hand hygiene habit after knowledge impartation,

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Media Log 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Media Log 1 - attempt ExampleShe does this by suppressing the freedom of those she could and denying others their right. What this shows about a typical modern family is how parents try to use their leave to get what they desire from all other family members. But as much as Claire tried to strike her perfect dream family portrait, the more the other people in the family tried to look into areas of their lives that they felt could tot them happiness and freedom. For example Phil took some of the other family members to watch a game and actually ignored Claires phone call. What this shows is that in a typical family, the need to allow each person to function as an independent social being is very important. This is because as it turned out to be, Claire would not have the test of perfect portrait she dreamed of after all. This is because even after she had managed to get all the family set for the delineation in their white dresses, Jay starts a mud fight, making their perfect whil e costumes

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Risk Assessment for Non-profit Hospital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Risk Assessment for Non-profit Hospital - Essay Examplebook as a whole provides the readers with a comprehensive view of multiple risk respectment techniques along with a small analysis of current methodologies and concepts in risk assessment practices. It clearly defines the concept of risk assessment freehand specific focus to the current day messy business environment.Hospital Data Project (HDP) is a project initiated by the European Union Health Monitoring Programme (HMP), and it intends to develop comparable hospital utilization data and indicators between Member States (MS). This data, loaded into the Commissions original system has morose to be the hub of health tuition. The document describes the objectives of HDP with regard to data collection methodology and the creation of a pilot data set.This book is an excellent source of information on emerging trends, legal requirements, and challenges associated with internal information transfers and SSH integration. It gives a good account of SSH2 as a reliable tool that complies with the latest standards of communication earnest norms. This book is a must read for learners of advanced risk assessment practices.This excerpt from online encyclopedia gives a brief account of Nessus-one of the most comprehensive vulnerability scanning program available today. It describes how the program helps clients to assess the level of their systems vulnerability to data theft or virus attack.The website gives very dilate information about the vulnerability scanning tool-Nessus. The site has included several frequently asked questions and their answers along with the elementary instructions for its users. One who goes through the site will get a clear idea of the sum up functions of Nessus.The relevance of this book is clear as it has been stated in the introduction, each technical advance brings new-fangled security holes. It reminds us of the incessant threat persisting over the internet which has the potentia l to assault thousands of computers in no

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Bipolar Disorder Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Bipolar Disorder - shape Paper ExampleCenter of discussion in this paper is bipolar disease as a disease with pernicious specificity and sensitivity. With the widening of the diagnostic criteria for bipolar discommode comes the loss of specificity and danger of overdiagnosis due to the subjoin in sensitivity of the subtle manifestations of bipolar disorder. As a result, overdiagnosis poses substantially greater potential for injury as desired treatment may not be appropriate and may lead to evocation of hypomania, mixed states, rapid cycling, and worsening of preexisting agitation. Bipolar disorder is difficult to distinguish from other disorders because of inclination variations in hormones, personality disturbances, personal stress, sleep problems, ingestion of drugs or alcohol and diseases of the brain, trouble in getting accurate histories because of difficulty in describing mood states to others, and inadequately skilled professionals in the recognition of the subtle wo rk on of the disorder. These factors, together with the diagnostic criteria itself, create confusion in the diagnosis of bipolar disorder as plastered symptoms can occur in other disorder. Clinicians, researchers, and affiliate health practitioners are challenged to prevent the over/misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder through different studies and literature, differentiating the subtle forms of bipolar disorder from the true bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder and its subtle forms gained attention during 1983 when the American Psychiatric Association (APA) verified the existence of relatively mild and subtle spectrum of bipolar disorders.... iseases of the brain, trouble in getting accurate histories because of difficulty in describing mood states to others, and inadequately trained professionals in the recognition of the subtle form of the disorder (Miklowitz, 2011, 43). These factors, together with the diagnostic criteria itself, create confusion in the diagnosis of bipolar disorder as certain symptoms can occur in other disorder. Clinicians, researchers, and allied health practitioners are challenged to prevent the over/misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder through different studies and literature, differentiating the subtle forms of bipolar disorder from the true bipolar disorder. Review of Literature Bipolar disorder and its subtle forms gained attention during 1983 when the American Psychiatric Association (APA) verified the existence of relatively mild and subtle spectrum of bipolar disorders (Grinspoon, 1983, 281). The subtle forms of bipolar disorder manifest psychomotor, interpersonal, and vocational dimension, rather than alterations in mood which is the core symptom of bipolar disorder. correspond to Grinspoon (1983), the subtle forms of bipolar disorder range between cyclothymic disorder and dysthymic disorder (281). Cyclothymic disorder starts during teenage or early adulthood years and may often be diagnosed as a personality disorder. Cycles are short and last for only a few days and may not meet the category for hypomania due to biphasic course. On the other hand, dysthymic disorders are subaffective and subtle hypomania is present. Onset is indeterminate and key symptoms often occur at age 21. A full range of depressive symptoms occurs at subsyndromal level, and a unhurried is categorized in the subtle forms of bipolar disorder if patients do not have any diagnosable nonaffective disorder

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Scholarly paper related to observation and evaluation of Nursing Essay

Scholarly reputation related to observation and evaluation of Nursing manager role - Essay ExampleAccording to Egner (2009), any institutional leader has the responsibility to solve individual problems through a dynamic utilization of personnel. His transaction is to develop and maintain a culture that encourages pull in. As a result, the leader has to utilize more than just now the functions of management. He or she should show concern for production as well as people. In a clinic, organization, planning, controlling, and directing are the main functions of the manager. Quality work is crucial for the patients well-being and the medical practitioners have to be experienced and well conversant in their job descriptions. Planning involves the selection of programs, projects, or objectives appropriate for the subject of organization. Furthermore, it alike involves the procedures and policies for accomplishing them. Lutz (2010), on the other hand, states that planning should alwa ys come before the action. This then has to be combine with employee motivation and training so that they realize the organizations target goals, including the mission and vision. The manager in like manner has to overcome resource and political barriers. This goes together with being keen on identifying any deviations from the plan and doing the unavoidable planning for correcting the problem. Consequently, it is important to note that these management functions are not only for the top manager, but also for all leaders in the clinic. The managing director should however act as the head of all footslogger leaders. Organization of clinical personnel occurs chiefly to achieve maximum coordination. This ensures efficient synchronization of staff, equipment, materials, methods, and timing. The customers in a clinic are mainly patients who have to be directed from one room to another and efficient coordination volition always result to customer satisfaction and minimum chaos. Furth ermore, Lutz (2010) states that well defined and logical organizations encourage nest egg in efforts and energy and minimize frustration. As a management function, organization entails the designation of specific duties to received personnel and departments. It also defines their functions and specifies the links between personnel and departments. In a clinical setting, diagrams, operating guides, and tables leaven coordination of the staff, departments, and customers. However, it is difficult to keep them up to date and they give subtle coordination in fast growing, expanding, and dynamic enterprises. another(prenominal) major cause of failure is delegation if authority to subordinates. A good delegator gives the ideas of subordinates a chance, allows the staff to sterilise mistakes and learn from them, gives other subordinates the power to make decisions, and formulates an effective transfer of information over subordinates. Behavioral lead theory focuses on analyzing behavio rs or actions that describe a style of lead. With this aspect, leaders are required to work with a specific category of style that relies on their methods and actions used to fulfill the goals (Egner, 2009). However, the choice of suitable leadership criteria relies on the values and objectives of the individual making the evaluation, but different individuals have diverse values. Thus, the best come out is to include several criteria when researching on leadership effectiveness. Egner (2009) recommends four criteria for leadership effectiveness. They include individual leader effectiveness, confederate job fulfillment,

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Medical Precision Systems Human Resources Management Case Study

Medical Precision Systems Human Resources Management - parapraxis Study ExampleA share is a unit of ownership. When you own a share you lead a part-owner (shareholder) of a company and you will rich person the right to receive any dividends paid on each share that you own receive a copy or summary of the companys annual communicateA performance management culture exists at MPS and appraisals, remuneration, and promotions are highly performance based. Artley and Stroh (2001, p. 5) reports, only high-performance organizations, whether public or private, are, and must be, interested in developing and deploying effective performance meter and performance management systems, since it is only through such(prenominal) systems that they can remain high-performance organizations. For fifteen age MPS has been employing a total quality management (TQM) program. Ten employees are on a police squad and they elect their leader. Group, or team, leaders hold feedback sessions and report wha t they gather to the senior performance managers. (Beardwell and Holden, 2001, p.742.)A keen deal of time, effort, and money is involved in providing excellent training in teamwork, people skills, and job education. along with all of this training, company benefits, and a caring staff MPS also offers recreational facilities, sports, and social events for its employees. The company has strong values and a clear vision and it lives up to its mission statement, MPS-working for the health of America. (Beardwell and Holden, 2001, p.742.)In the early 1990s MPS took its business worldwide and expanded into Europe, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and France. The strategy had to be set as the company was now global and the system had to cater to global commitments and developments. Although business on the production and marketing side were going well Last Name 3and the United Kingdom adjuvant in Bath and the Swedish subsidiary in Uppsala experienced steady growth, the overseas HRM experienc ed umpteen difficulties. Reports revealed there was much potential for the French subsidiary. ((Beardwell and Holden, 2001, p. 742.) The company faced some disadvantages of going global and the miss of success with HRM that other firms run into. These include, as listed on 03 October 2003 by easterangel-ga (a blogger on Google Answers)-Flexibility and change in mindset Cultural taboos or sensitivities of the market-Level of commitment-Organizational structure Ensure multinational legal compliance such as labeling, packaging, product safety, and liability laws)-Language barriers MPSs HRM worked for its home-based parent company but did not do quite as well with its subsidiaries. Expatriate managers exerted strong controls over employees in different countries based on goals in fiscal and production terms, which were set by the parent company, did not give the local subsidiaries much input. They did not have much say in business activities. (Beardwell and Holden, 2001, p.742.)Keepin g unions out or making sure that their regulate was kept to a minimum were the

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Quality management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Quality management - Assignment Example puddle an formations stakeholders. Any of these variables has the potential to affect or be affected by the actions of an organization or protrude. For instance, when aligning goals management should ensure that there is an investor value proposition which can attract and conform to investors. In the same way, only if the program involves buyer value, it can attract and retain its guests. However, the value attributed to separately group can add to the overall success of the business only if reciprocity ensured. If the suppliers do non keep a favorable stance, the company cannot meet its customer needs in proportion to the customer value. This is the context when a business management has to demonstrate its ability to align the stakeholders. When a firm offers utmost quality products to its customers, it should also ensure that its suppliers are also treated with fair price. Obviously, a profit compulsive organization tends to fail in t his regard.As Jeston and Nelis point out, one of the primary steps of any project is the identification and analysis of the project stakeholders and this analysis involve understanding the leadership styles, stakeholder position in the organization, their in-person drives etc (264). Stakeholders possess a significant role in the progress of the business. For instance, meeting the expectation of the stakeholder in a responsible manner is important. Every organization or company has its own goal or come out and completion of such strategy eternally assures companys and stakeholders prosperity.Theories of Cornell University are the perfect examples for this as it always focuses on three aspects such as understanding expectation, measurement and accountability (Stakeholder Alignment Model). economical growth and achieving targets are always the two pillars of a strong business firm. There are numerous hurdles to overcome in order for achieving a common goal. First of

Stroke Rehabilitation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Stroke Rehabilitation - Essay Example70). This study shall evaluate the stroke reclamation of an patriarchal male. It shall consider the assessment, planning, implementation, and treatment in clinical practice. It shall critically analyse the efficacy of the explosive charge given to the old patient with a sharp focus on rehabilitation. It shall also critically evaluate the role and officiate of team members and their contribution to the rehabilitation process. It shall discuss the psychological push throughcomes for the patient and carers, while taking into account the long-acting term needs of the patients. This paper is being tolerateed in order to establish a comprehensive taking into custody of stroke rehabilitation, especially among elderly patients. Discussion Patient Profile The patient in this case is a 65 year old elderly male, married, with three grown children. He was admitted three weeks ago for a headache and the sudden onset of the following difficulties in s peaking and swallowing, left sided paralysis, and a tingling feeling of his extremities. Upon admission, he was immediately assessed. After subsequent diagnostic processes, he was diagnosed for an embolic stroke. The appropriate intervention was posterior carried out to remove the embolus. At which time, his condition was assessed. Due to a 10 minute lack of oxygen supply to his brain, he suffered from left-sided paralysis with his mobility and lecture severely compromised. He was then discharged from the neurological care unit and onto the rehabilitation clinic. Assessment of patient The assessment of the post-stroke patient was mostly an assessment of his mobility and his ability to conduct his day-by-day activities. The patient was assessed on the following areas before a plan for rehabilitation was conceptualized by the rehabilitation team neurological aspects, including aim of consciousness, cognitive disorders, motor deficits, disturbances in balance and coordination, so matosensory deficits, disorders of vision, unilateral neglect, speech and language deficits, and pain presence of comorbid diseases functional health patterns, including bladder and bowel function, swallowing disorders, nutrition and hydration, skin breakdown, fleshly activity endurance, and sleep patterns presence of depression and another(prenominal) affective disorders neuropsychological function and family functioning and other contextual factors. All of these aspects were assessed using standardized assessment tools. These tools have included the following Glasgow Coma Scale, modified Rankin Scale, Measures of Disability of Daily Living, Mini-Mental Status Examination, Berg Balance Assessment, Rivermead Mobility Index, Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale, Family Assessment Device, and case of Life Assessment scale (Warlow, van Gijn, and Dennis, 2008, p. 534). Assessment results Based on the assessment, the patient scored 12 out of 20 on the Glasgow Coma Scale. This was ba sed on the recommended scale to eyeshade the patients level of consciousness (Herndon, 2006, p. 366). He scored 4 out of 6 on the Modified Rankin Scale. This scale is used to measure a patients level of disability (Stroke Center, 2010). The patient scored 87 out of 126 on the practicable Independence Measure Test. This test assessed the patients ability to carry out independently his daily activities (DeLisa, Gans, and Walsh, 2005, p. 986). On the Mini-mental Status Examination, he scored 23 out of 30. This test assess

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The Criminalization of Drug Use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Criminalization of Drug Use - Essay ExampleHusaks background is in the philosophy of law. He wants to examine the reasons why drug determination is criminalized and why golf club attaches such elevated punitive measures to it. He believes that criminalization is counterproductive and that we should move on from it towards something to a greater extent equitable. He feels that it provides no unfeigned benefit and in feature produces harm. He asks a number of important questions in the course of the term and examines the nature of the debate. In the end, he concludes that drug use should non be criminalized and that drug users should be odd to their own devices unless they commit a serious shame. Incarceration only makes their problems worse while costing society massive amounts of money. The authors thinking on this subject is logical and reasonable. He breaks down the debate and examines the premises that twain sides use to make their point. Importantly, he suggests tha t those who entertain the status quo should have to present evidence that it is working. The burden is not merely on those who oppose the current laws. The author tries to understand why alcohol and tobacco ar not banned, while marijuana is, and concludes that there is a dissonance in the current policy. Only the fact that alcohol and tobacco are backed by big businesses prevents them from being banned based on the same logic as the criminalization of marijuana. He explores a number of gaps in the reasoning of those who support the continued criminalization of drugs. He focuses on the issue of justice, which is an important foundation for all law. He explains how this root word can be lost in a swirling debate based on a cost-benefit abbreviation Considerations of justice will probably seem unimportant if we are fixated on objectives. Justice should not be conceptualized as a goal our policies should try to achieve, but as a constraint that limits what we are allowed to do in pu rsuing these objectives. In other words, justice rules out some strategies that we otherwise would be permitted to contract in trying to attain our ends (505). Husak does not spend much clip exploring flaws in his argument. His argument is to a greater extent or less sound, although his conclusion is a little too strongly worded. The idea of mental health courts is a good one. Most proponents of criminalizing drugs would argue that drugs are remarkably dangerous and cause harm. They are super addictive and therefore cause a great deal of crime. They are not something we want more of they are something we want less of. These ideas are absent from Husaks article. Ideally, the author would have spent more time discussing drug courts. He does say in his conclusion Drug courts impress both conservatives and liberals. Admittedly, these courts represent an feeler over traditional criminal courts most drug users would prefer treatment to incarceration. But this concession provides ner veless praise for the drug court movement. Virtually anything is preferable to incarceration (513). He then concludes by dictum that drugs should be legalized and there should be no requirement to go to a drug court. Of course, he is authorize to this opinion, but it would have been better to spend more time on this issue. These courts represent an effective fondness ground in this polarizing debate. They have proven to be fairly successful in reducing crime rates and getting people sober. There can be little doubt that drug use leads to additional criminal behavior

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Each paper is on cultural relativism on the writings provided below Essay

each paper is on cultural relativism on the writings provided below - Essay ExampleThis fact cannot be denied that people believing in traditional healing systems will not go for bio medication if they have satisfying believe in their culture and folk medicine procedures. Their beliefs should be respected and they should not be obligate that they must intention the medicine that has no linkage with their culture. Even they should be facilitated with knowledge of their culture so that they can be provided with sufficient provision of needed support. AIDS is not a sm each(prenominal) or negligible disease as it keeps the capacity of killing a somebody. This disease is quite common in Africa and people make use of traditional or fold healing systems to get release of this disease. It is congenital for our researchers to make use of cultural herbal medicines and other ways of supporting people to get rid of their disease to facilitate the patients of AIDS with medicines that are no t only biomedical but also traditional. medical checkup anthropologists have researched the topic of AIDS by keeping social and cultural aspects in view and stir that the disease cannot be understood healthful without understanding the environment and culture of people involved. The writers Singer and Baer (2007) use a term bioculturalism to define the linkage amidst biology and culture and according to their view, interaction between cultures and biology can be seen well by studying health and illness. AIDS as a disease can be well understood by gaining knowledge of the culture of the people as culture informs us about explaining, sensing and experiencing about pain. Biomedicine cannot be successful for any diseased person until and unless, the culture, political status and environment, all are not well understood. Sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS involves cultural beliefs and practices. According to Singer and Baer (2007), disease expression is shaped by cultural val ues, beliefs and expectations (12). Therefore, the notion cannot be negated AIDS as a disease in various parts of the populace can be best understood, explained and cured by means of understanding the cultures of people. Culture plays a study part in giving value to its followers and also provides people with fighting against diseases in their declare constructed and reliable manners. References Singer, Merrill and Baer, Hans A. (2007). Introducing medical anthropology a discipline in action. Boulevard Rowman Altamira. Ethnomedicine The Worlds of treatment and Healing Ethnomedicine can be defined as a term that circulates all the kinds of traditional medicines and its study whether the medicinal procedures are well documented or not. However, the medicinal study and procedures that come under the title of ethnomedicine are well realized and people rely on them from centuries due to which, they are well reputed. The writers, Singers and Baer in their book, Introducing Medical Ant hropology give the rendering of ethnomedicine as something that has transcended multiple cultural boundaries, which means that ethnomedicine has got so much repute that culturally, it is well-liked in nearly all cultures. The writers use the term ethnomedicine against the term biomedicine, which can be defined as study of medicinal procedures and medicine that is adopted globally. Ethnomedicine also called

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Critical analysis on the novel Of Mice and Men Essay

Critical analysis on the novel Of Mice and Men - Essay congresswomanIn the 18th and 19th centuries, the frontier of the United States of America was expanded westwards as European immigrants swarmed to the ports of the eastern seaboard. Many of these immigrants were members of persecuted minorities, such as Russian Jews escaping the 19th-century pogroms, or Irish Catholics fleeing the poverty and discrimination of British imperial rule. They were attracted by trances of a better life, and regardless of whether or not they achieved this life in reality, Steinbecks characters still dream of a better life, rase in the depths of the 1930s Great Depression.George and Lennie, as Stephen emphasises, dream of owning a small farm which they can work themselves surely a dream shared by thousands of rootless young men during that era of mass unemployment and economic uncertainty. (Stephen 37). Their dream is introduced towards the beginning of the novel. It is recited by George to still Le nnie, although it is clear that the recitation offers comfort to them both. George states that were gonna have a little house and a equalise of acres an a cow and some pigs..., and Lennie that theyll live off the fatta the lan (Steinbeck 16). Their dream of freedom strengthens them both, and even attracts Candy and Crooks for a time.For Attell, this dream responds directly to the limitations placed on their lives. As nomadic labourers, they lack independence and security. They are dependent on odd jobs on the ranches they come across, which are highly seasonal and temporary. existent from hand to mouth in this way, and in rough accommodation shared with other workers, their dream involves a permanent residence, where they must work for no one but themselves to earn their keep. The itinerant and uncertain spirit of George and Lennies lifestyle is thus emphasised from the beginning, and Attell justifiably sees their portrayal as Steinbecks critique of

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Social capital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Social bully - Essay ExamplePutnam, Leonardi and Nanetti in 1993 in their Making Democracy Work Civic Traditions in Modern Italy, defined the term hearty crownwork as features of social organisation, such as trust, norms or reciprocity, and networks of civil engagement, that go off improve the efficiency of orderliness by facilitating coordinated actions (Hobbs 2000). The World Bank defined it as the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a societys social interactions (Hobbs 2000). However despite the differences in perspectives, all believe that social networks ar the most valuable assets for the society just as a screwdriver (physical capital) or a college education (human capital) can increase productivity (both individual and collective) (Putnam 2000, p. 19), in the same way forming social contacts are excellent for increase the productivity of the individuals and even groups (Putnam 2000, p. 19). ... 2). In many of the western democ racies of today, we can see the concept of community and social networks at all the civil, political as well as economical levels growing, giving an ample inference of the increase in social relations as the most important cause for maintaining sustainable communities in all the social, economic and democratic spheres of the society. These kinds of social relationships are said to be loaded with the social capital including all the norms or means of production that allow the people to join in the mutual treaty or work in a collective way. There are different traits of social capital like social norms, social network and trust (Productivity Commission 2003, p. x). Social norms are informal rules that articulate the behavior of the people in varying circumstances like showing tolerance and respect towards others etc as well as reciprocity like behavior with others in the way you expect others should behave with you. alike social network is an interconnection between the different g roups of people having common characteristics and traits for e.g. family or a ghostlike group. The third one is trust which is simply the way to develop confidence with the people whom you are in contact. Trust is a main thrust of all the relationships and is the most important component for the well cosmos and overall development of the human beings (Productivity Commission 2003, p. xi). Studies conducted on the sociology of economic development in the developing nations as well as around the network capitalism in East Asia have also entertained attention towards the importance of the social networks. In fact even in the Western economies, researchers have open out highly flexible form of network

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Macroeconomics. Monetary policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Macroeconomics. Monetary policy - Essay ExampleIn this verbal expression u* is the unique unemployment rate where flash is stable. This Phillips curve has the property that inflation rises (the price level accelerates) when u is below u* since actual inflation exceeds anticipate inflation, with adaptive expectations, inflation expectations rise over succession and are factored into wage and price setting. In contrast, when unemployment exceeds the natural rate, actual inflation falls short of expected inflation, so inflation declines over time as expectations adjust downward toward reality. With chronic high unemployment, deflation is fatal (Yellen and Akerlof 2005, p.2).According to Yellen and Akerlof, stabilization policy can significantly reduce average levels of unemployment by providing stimulus to pauperism in circumstances where unemployment is high but underutilisation of labour and capital does little to lower inflation. A fiscal policy that vigorously fights high une mployment should, however, also be complemented by a policy that equally vigorously fights inflation when it rises above a modest target level. In their survey, Yellen and Akerlof conclude that there is a real case for stabilization policy and that there are especially strong contends for central banks to accord it antecedence in the current era of low inflation. With a nonlinear short-run Phillips curve, stabilization policy reduces average levels of joblessness and raises average output by a nontrivial amount. A nonlinear relationship between unemployment and social wellbeing may reflect the increasing incidence of long-duration unemployment spells as aggregate unemployment rises, the diminishing benefits associated with additional job beingness as unemployment falls (2004, p.31).On Charles Beans discussion of stabilization policy, Stanley Fischer comments the following on Beans analysis the implications of the nonlinearity of the Phillips curve a one percentage point reducti on in an already low unemployment rate will advertize up inflation more than a one percentage point increase in a higher unemployment rate will reduce inflation. How should this affect policy Fischer cites that Beans analysis shows that in the presence of a nonlinear tradeoff, the authorities should aim for a higher unemployment rate than the natural rate, because a positive break that reduces unemployment will have a larger effect on inflation than a negative injure of the same size. Yellen and Akerlof go on that a Phillips curve that is not always accelerationist provides a further, important reason for central banks to pursue stabilization as an objective. The traditional accelerationist Phillips curve captures the following truth on inflation when product and labour markets are tight, as typically occurs when unemployment is low, prices and wages both tend to increase. This

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Prepare a written business plan of (THE COCA-COLA COMPANY) on the Essay

Prepare a pen craft plan of (THE COCA-COLA COMPANY) on the Orbis database - Essay ExampleGenerally its results are available in bottled traffic pattern or in canned form. Its carbonated soft drinks and noncarbonated beverages are very renowned done out the world. The company is also engaged in activities and businesses, such as empowers its bottling partners to produce fountain syrup to sell in the restaurants, convenience store and other fountain retailers and wholesalers for the immediate consumption of the fountain syrup. Its famous soft drinks bands are- Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Diet Coke. So the company has various opportunities in manufacturing, retailing and distributing the nonalcoholic drinks, tea leaf and coffee and juices products. To increase its business the company may take its initiative to undertake a crude international business venture in any of its product and business lines in which it has a comparative degree advantage. It may undertake or enhance it s mergers/acquisitions activities in such a location where the demand of its product is high enough or expected to increase in future so that it can posture easy market access by using its brands. If we see only its Pacific operation, we will describe that over the last 7 years, its sales have increased tremendously. This is also true regarding its assets investments. We have shown this by the figure 1 as followsAs an example, we can consider one of the new business ventures of the company, finished which it plans to acquire 100 % of a fruit juice maker company of Russia, engrossing the founders and the biggest shareholders of that company, as inform by Dow Jones on March, 2010. Some other sources have informed that the Coca-Cola Company is going to take 75 % share of that Russian Company. What ever may be the position of the Coca-Cola Company, there is no doubt that this business venture will be a successful one for the company. The reason behind this is that the company has m ean to take such a business expansion method in accordance its

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Genealogy Revised Essay Example for Free

genealogy Revised EssayHundred years ago, the thought of recreateing enough cash in to purchase your aspiration house was outrageous. In a modern setting, holding a rectangular piece of plastic little than the size of your palm can get you almost anything you desire. A credit card was thought to bring convenience to humanity. No perennial do people need to bring a stack of cash out or fearing that they might have the financial incapacity to get the latest Gucci bag on the showcase. Go crazy with your shopping-spree but can you really handle it?Credit card is a dumb killer to many people, causing a lot of unforeseeable harms as deadly as cancer-cells. blackberry Mobile phones have become a necessity to numerous people in the modern earth. commonplace as it may sound, mobile phones have brought people closer together. However, how close do you really want it to be? With the of BlackBerrys introduction, business executives and flat students can now have access to informa tion from a eddy the size of their palms. Users can be in their own little world without fearing or worrying the world outside them.The work load of a business person has increased because the idea not manner of speaking work home is long applicable. BlackBerry is a devils device that shares a standardised implication to George Orwells Big Brother is watching you in the novel 1984, because with a BlackBerry, there is no excuse to not respond to a call or any other form of communication. womanly Undergarment Wearing a pair of low-cut jeans and revealing part of the underwear is no longer considered inappropriate in certain societies. Originally, the female undergarments primary function is to comfot, support and stir the femalebody form.In addition, the modern function of the under garment also are also inclined to diffidence and erotic display purposes. Diamond When it comes to diamond, many may connect diamond to the purity and longevity of a marriage. Nowadays, in a world w here marriage no longer lasts forever, the diamond has become ironic in what its qualities represent. Structurally, the is bonded by several carbon molecules. Despite the various possible substitutes for diamonds were introduced such as crystal, synthetic diamonds and even plastics, but the uniqueness and the superiority of a

Basket Exercise Essay Example for Free

Basket Exercise EssayGeorgina Ryan, HR Director SUBJECT Speaking engagement beside workweek Ms. Williams, Mr. Armstrong has been transferred to a new location, earlier than expected. My apologies, however, if you would in allow me to fill in for Mr. Armstrong, I would be prestigious to address the Business ClubIt is common for a large tot of calls to come in all at once. When this happens, the customer relationscontact employee is supposed to take the customers phone number and get back to him or her within an hour. Weve found in the past that this is a reasonable engineer since, after a big rush of calls, things usually settle down for a while. But when we suppress up on the contact employees, we find that they get back to the customer within an hour moreover about one-third of the time. Sometimes they dont get back to the customer until the next dayI sent a memo to all contact employees about a month agone reminding them of the importance of prompt responses on their p arts, but it did very little good. We need a training programme from your department to improve this critical performance area. Can we get together early next week? MEMO TO Ralph Herzberg, Manager of Customer Relations From Georgina Ryan, HR Director.New Training Program Ralph, we will unquestionably have to address this situation. Let me get with my training program administrator and work out a training session/schedule for your department. I will get back with you on a betrothal and time for next week.

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Non Conformity and Society Essay Example for Free

Non Conformity and Society analyzeEven though an overwhelming number of community believe that uprightness and its implementation is the decisive grammatical constituent that determines the success of a society. But is this generalization justified? Tim Li explores whether this idea is reality or just another myth.A society is based on a system of rules and regulations which all individuals are evaluate to abide by. Conformity, in general, means to go in accordance with those rules that govern our society. For instance, a group is press release for camping now that group cannot function if each of their individual members do not display a reasonable extent of conformity. This e.g. implies that even though the literal meaning of conformity remains the same, the way the flock embrace it changes. To a large extent on conformity is needed for the success and improvement of a society. In the following article, I will explain conformity by discussing about Copernicus, Euthanas ia and the offset of science.About 600 years ago, the church was considered law. No one could defy its teachings and whosoever did so was publicly beheaded. One of the theories of the church was that the earth was the center of the universe and that other planets revolved around it. Copernicus was a genius who had a abundant interest in astronomy. It was he who stated that the sin was the hub around which all other planets revolved. In this look Copernicus was a non conformist i.e. he believed in something that was against the religious teachings/implications of the church, but his being non conformist was the sole drive of the development of a theory that bought about a great change in the scientific prospect of astronomy.At present a very serious issue has jumped into the consideration and thinking of the society. The government is excogitate on whether to accept the growing numbers of Euthanasia or to deny them. Euthanasia is when people woefulness from long term chronic .are non conformist i.e. who dont want to live are benefited more than other people suffering from the same types of diseases. Here conformity does not help, or in other words, it is better to be a non conformist.Science too, plays a decisive role on our changing society. It surrounds us completely, from a leafy vegetable light bulb to aero planes and space travel. In short, a society cannot function without science. A critical abridgment of science suggests that new discoveries in science break laws on which our older societies and generations are built on. E.g. Until the 1900s everyone believed that gentlemans gentleman cannot fly, but now science has broken that barrier, it is therefore a non conformist in relation to that law which was dominant at that time. Revolutionary research into stem cells has prompted a heated ethical debate between the church and the scientific faction. So, if this situation is examined, the church has always seen science as a hard sum of money crim inal but that form of science is needed for the mere existence of a society.All these arguments reward the original statement that some degree of non conformity is needed for a successful society. Although too a lot conformity means the elimination of all crimes, it also implies the abrupt stop in scientific engineering and I cant live in Stone age, can you?

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Centralised organisation Essay Example for Free

Centralised governing body Essay schema the main ways in which a large centralised organisation might achieve a to a great extent flexible organised social structure. Using examples, discuss the payoffs and disadvantages of pursuing greater organisational flexibility The structures that organisations adopt argon usually aligned to one of five generic organisational structures. These argon the simple structure, the functional structure, the divisional structure, the holding company structure and the matrix structure. (Capon, C. (2009) the business environment.Chapter 4 Inside organisations. This essay will explain the dissimilar ways of how a large centralised organisation achieves a more flexible structure through with(predicate) de-centralisation. This essay will analyse the benefits and drawbacks of the matrix structure and the functional structure. A flexible structure allows supply to carry off part in decision making thus making them feel more precious and motivat ed, this favours the organisation because efficiency and communication is improved. Centralised structures are often referred to as bureaucracies and concord a foresightful chain of command and a narrow span of control.They are overblown structures designed so that directors, owners and wariness can achieve maximum control. Decision making is isolated indoors the top part of the power structure with a very autocratic style of management (none/very little share decision making with employees further down the hierarchy). Centralised structures allow benchmarks and certain procedures to monitor quality closely. A clear lane can be seen by employees in terms of promotion which often aids in motivation, in turn improving the productivity of round.However there are some downsides to a centralised or bureaucratic structure, such as the fact that its time-consuming for decisions to be made because the decision has to come about from the top of the organisation (CEOs/Directors) all the way to the bottom through many levels before the employees actually get told what they need to do because of this it is touchy for companies with a tall structure to quickly react to changes in the market that they operate in.In tall organisations there is a tendency for red tape or excessive regulation which also slows down many processes within a business. Another problem with tall organisations is that there is a divide between the top managers and regular employees, which means that the workers lower down in the hierarchy feel excluded and less valued. This In turn leads to workers becoming less motivated. Because of all these difficulties big organisations are constantly attempting to incr let off flexibility by changing their structure.Decentralisation provides higher subordinate satisfaction and a quicker response to problems and whitethorn give workers a sense of ownership and greater levels of motivation in their work (Ray French, Charlotte Rayner, Gary Rees and Sally Rumbles (2008) Organizational behaviour ). De-centralised structures are desirable because they allow flexibility within a business, it is essentially a democratic management style of running an organisation, and this means that there is more feedback and introduce from staff regarding decision making.With a shorter chain of command, due to the flat hierarchical structure, and increased motivation of staff production can increase. The functional structure is relatively restrictive of flexibility, it is fairly rigid and centralised. The managers of the departments are addicted the responsibility to manage day-to-day problems and take part in decision making only in the short term. Decision making and power in the long term rests very much within the board of directors, thus slowing down communication within the organisation.The functional structure is mainly use by small businesses large organisations tend to move away from this structure in the search for more flexibility. The r eason for this is because of product or service diversification and larger target markets. The functional structure tends to have poor career prospects, high exhorture on senior managers , quality monitoring is very difficult and there are skills shortages in the sense that employment roles are set so skills cannot be shared within the departments. The matrix structure integrates two structures together, often geographical and multi product structures.For example, a company may have a department for a product A in Europe and for Product A in Asia. One of the advantages of the Matrix structure is the convenience of experts simplifying the sharing of knowledge between the goods. Another advantage of the matrix structure is intra-team communication, this allows ease of communication between the different functional product groups within the alike organisation, and similarly there is less pressure on managers, quality monitoring is easier and skills are interchanged within departmen ts of the like function thus improving efficiency.In the early 90s the majority of IBM and the business press were convinced decentralisation would aid the company in terms of flexibility, speed and entrepreneurial motivation. They believed splitting up IBM into smaller companies would speed up processes and promote and enhance efficiency, which can be true of decentralisation. Lou Gerstner was found CEO of IBM in 1993. He was convinced IBM should remain centralised and to use its unique size and capabilities to ease customers integrate the diverse components of their information technology (IT) systems.In the end IBM was loosened up but not completely decentralised. This worked tremendously well with IBMs stock price rising by almost a factor of ten. (Thomas W. Malone Harvard Business School Archives (29/3/2004) Making the decision to decentralise. )From this we can conclude that de-centralisation improves organisational flexibility by speeding up the process of decision makin g, improving efficiency and communication and increasing job satisfaction for employees.Pursuing greater organisational flexibility could be complex in the sense that the organisation may become less efficient due to the change in structure and managerial span of control. hitherto changing from a tall centralised structure to a flat decentralised structure favours the organisation because there are fewer levels of hierarchy and a shorter chain of command which enables better communication. Decentralisation, in theory, provides greater potential for motivating employees and, because decisions are taken nearer the place of work, the organisation can react meteoric and smarter.Ian Brookes (2009) Organisational behaviour individuals, groups and organisation 4th edition). However not all flat structures are decentralised take for example the functional structure, despite being flat it is a rigid and centralised structure. The Matrix structure would enable a large organisation to achie ve greater organisational flexibility because one of its main strengths is allowing ease of communication.

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Two Milestones In The History Of Space Exploration Essay Example for Free

Two Milestones In The register Of Space Exploration EssayThe subject of space conquest has been a very raise brass of human history for the past few decades. Although to date, we already use advanced technologies, high-powered telescopes, satellites and spacecrafts, it would still be helpful for us to look back through time and consider the beginnings of space exploration. We will do this by studying two important events that enabled humanity to realize the possibility of conquering space. On April 12, 1961, capital of the Russian Federation Time, the world entered the realm of asideer space flight when the spacecraft Vostok 1 carried to outer space the send-off human being to ever orbit the earth. The name of the cosmonaut to first orbit the earth was Yuri Gagarin. Zal (2002) wrote an interesting record of the Vostok 1 flight as follows The launch vehicle blasted off nearly as scheduled at 090659.7 Moscow Time and the orbital insertion looked nominal to Gagarin.However unk nown to the pilot, the aggregate (second) stage of the rocket burned longer than scheduled, leaving the spacecraft in a 327-kilometer apogee orbit, rather of planned 230 kilometers. It meant, that in case of a complete failure of the braking engine, a natural reentry of the spacecraft caused by the friction in the upper atmosphere would take place at least five age after a 10-day supply of vital life-support consumables onboard Vostok would run out. When the Russian government launched the Vostok 1 project and chose Yuri Gagarin to be on board, there was no complete certainty that the mission would work out one hundred percent successful. Two years earlier, the first artificial satellite to enter Ptolemaic orbit, named Sputnik 1, burned into space as it attempted to reenter the earths atmosphere. Previous unmanned test launches of Vostok 1 prototypes turned out to be failures. Out of seven prototypes of the Vostok spacecraft flown (Versions 1K and 3KA), two spacecraft did not d evil orbit due to the failure of the launch vehicle and two vehicles did not complete all their tasks. (Zal, 2001) A few hours in the lead the flight of Vostok 1, it encountered a strange problem. During the closure of Gagarins ejector seat hatch, one of its sensors perfectly would not turn on. The hatch had to be re-opened to activate the sensor and everything went back to normal. Later however, the spacecraft, was able to successfully get out of the earths atmosphere. Its flight around the earths orbit took a total of 108 minutes. The plan regarding Gagarins reentry into the earth was that he would detach from the spacecraft and enter the atmosphere by a capsule. Strange as it may seem, the capsule took ten minutes longer than expected before it actually detached from the spacecraft.This is crucial because any miscalculation and digression from the plan may cause the capsule to explode in the atmosphere. According to Gagarin, he experienced rapid spinning and extreme heat as th e capsule began to enter the atmosphere. In the midst of the turmoil, Gagarin sent a message to the ground monitors which will after become an inspiration for other cosmonauts for the years to come Everything OK. Needless to say, Yuri Gagarin successfully returned to earth and was regarded a hero by Russian authorities. His name also changed the history of space exploration forever. Meanwhile, if Yuri Gagarin was the first person to orbit the earth, Galileo Galilei was the first person to use a telescope to study the slug and other supernal objects. What he did was improve the newly invented spyglass (invented in 1608 by a Dutch spectacle maker)1 and turned it up in an attempt to study elements in outer space. His findings were shocking to the people of his time. Galileo found out that the moon doesnt have a smooth surface, just like everyone supposed. In fact, it was full of rocky terrain and craters. He was also the first to discover sunspots, the four large moons of Jupiter, a nd the rings of Saturn. Although Galileos findings were challenged and was not generally legitimate by the religion of his time, still he was able to contribute to modern space conquest and research. Isaac Newton, in 1750, improved Galileos concept of the telescope. In forthcoming centuries, telescopes of a greater and broader view of the universe were invented. Among these cold reaching telescopes are the Keck Telescope, the Very Large Telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope.According to Mould, Geffner and Lesser (1991), the Keck telescope is 33 feet in diameter, situated 33,000 feet above sea level in the Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The Very Large Telescope, a European project, is 52.5 feet in diameter and situated in the mountains of Chile. The Hubble Space Telescope is a satellite telescope and toilette see images in outer space up to 14 billion light years away. Galileos basic findings through the telescope evidently paved the way for giant leaps of astronomical findings in future years and gave us a better understanding of the universe.Works CitedBellis, M. (2005). History of the Telescope Binocular. Retrieved kinsfolk 1, 2007, from http//inventors.about.com/ library/inventors/bltelescope.htmMould, J.A., Geffner, S.L., Lesser, S.M., (1991). General Science (3rd ed.). New York Amsco School Publications.Pogge, R.W. (2006). Lecture 16 The Starry Messenger Galileo Galilei the Telescope. In An creative activity to Solar System Astronomy (Astronomy 161). Retrieved September 1, 2007, from http//www-astronomy.mps.ohio- state.edu/pogge/Ast161/Unit3/galileo.htmlZak, A. (2001). Vostok 1 Dawn Of Human Space Flight. Retrieved September 1, 2007, from http//www.russianspaceweb.com/vostok1.htm1 Although the credit for the invention of spyglass or early telescope was often given to Hans Lippershey of Holland, there was no sufficient evidence that he was the first to make one. See Bellis (2005).

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Judaism, Islam, Christianity Essay Example for Free

Judaism, Islam, Christianity EssayJudaism, Islam, and Christianity ar both completely different religions from an outlanders point of view. Yet, when you look at all(a) three of them in depth, a per intelligence contribute find slicey of the same characteristics. From their origins to their life rituals, there atomic frame 18 some differences and convertibleities between these three normal religions. Between the origins of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, there is much overlap. Judaism was started done the Patriarch and Matriarch of the faith, Abraham and Sarah. They bore a tike unitedly named Isaac, who Jewish race conceptualise to be their ancestor. Jewish people call themselves Children of Israel, signifying their descent from Jacob. Also, Abraham had an contrary son with a different adult female. This son, Ishmael, is cerebrated to be the ancestor of Islam. The origin of Christianity was from deliverer Christ, who they call up rose from the dead and is t he tidings of idol. His make outers, otherwise cognise as disciples, spread the religion after his death in 30 CE throughout the Roman Empire. It soon became the official religion in the empire with Emperor Constantines decision. It has so far spread worldwide and is the largest religion in the world with al around 2. 2 billion followers.The devoted writings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam receive hold many similarities. Christianity and Judaism opine in the Old Testament, which in Judaist terms is the Tanakh. This consists of the Torah, the Neviim, and the Ketuvim. It tells of idol devising a covenant with people. They believe that savior is non the Son of God and that their delivery boy is still to come. Muslims follow the exact writings of the Quran, which they believe their prophet Mohammed was told in a revelation from Allah. They also follow the hadith and the Sunna, which are, in a way, different variations of Mohammads life and stories.They regard parts of t he Old Testament and the gospel truth as inspired, and believe the Quran to be a more final and complete copy. The pips of adore between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are quite different. People of Jewish faith observe the Sabbath and conduct their services in Synagogue or the Temple, Christians reverence in churches, chapels, and cathedrals, and Muslims theology in Mosques. People of Jewish faith and Muslims do not consent to statues in their worship places, stating that it takes away their attention from God and Allah and that it ruins their monotheistic belief.Roman Catholics do not worship statues or icons. In the Eastern Catholic churches, people viewed icons as a way to greater worship and they prayed to them for protection. In Judaism and Christianity, the Holy Land, being Israel, is considered a very sacred place due to the fact that Jesus was born there and lived there, and also because that was the land promised to Abraham. Rome is also considered a very sacred pla ce to Christians because that is where the leader of their religion lives, otherwise known as the Pope.This is similar to Medina and Mecca in Islam due to the fact that their class of God, the Kaaba, is located there and is believed to be placed right down the stairsneath Heaven. The role of women between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, although men and women are equal in the eyes of God, are similar. Traditional Judaism gives different roles for men and women. For example, Jewish-Orthodox men and women worship separately. This is in comparison to Muslims, where the Quran treats men and women as equals. This is close to Christianity, where everyone is equal under God. This allows women and men to be equal.For example, both(prenominal) genders can attend worship at the same time in the same place. Unfortunately, women are suppress in to twenty-four hour periods Muslim society due to Sharia law, which they believe is the law of Allah. It frequently discriminates against women and strips them of their rights. For example, a womens word does not count as much as a mans. This is similar to Christianity where women can not become ordained priests and are not given equality deep down in the Church. Also, men and women worship separately in Islam, which shows similarities to Orthodox Judaism. The symbols of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are very much different.The maven of David is named after King David, who had a shield with a star on it. It has seven spaces, including the separate points and the centre. This number seven is very important within the Jewish faith due to the six days of grounding including the seventh day of rest. The menorah, another sacred Jewish symbol, also represents the seven days of creation. It is referred to as the manoeuver of life because it has seven branches. The Mezuzah is also another sacred object. It contains the Shema written on a parchment. The most sacred ritual object in the Jewish faith is the Torah Scroll.It is t he centre of Jewish life because it is utilize to teach, and it has the Five Books of Moses inscribed in it. In comparison to Judaism, the symbols for Christianity are few. They regard bread as Jesus body, which they call the Eucharist. They also believe that wine is Jesus blood. They drink and eat these at masses in remembrance of the Last Supper and the sacrifice that Jesus gave to them to wash away their sins. They regard the cross as a symbol of the sacrifice as well. Ichthus, the symbol of a fish, is a symbol for Christianity. In Islam, the Tawhid is the concept of monotheism.It holds God as one and unique. The crescent star is widely used as a symbol on Islamic flags. When babies are born in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, there are many rituals that they attend to. In Judaism, they believe in having the baby circumcised, which they call a Brit milah. Muslims also believe in having their sons circumcised. In Christianity, they believe in baptising the baby by a Priest to ri d it of its original sin. In Islam, they believe in whispering the call to prayer in the babys right ear, making sure that it is the prototypic sound they hear.Also, there is a naming ceremony where close friends and family gather to decide on the childs name. Each of these rituals is different, leading to diversity between religions. During a trade union in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, one mustiness use different rituals to attend to the needs of their religion. In Judaism, the couple stands under a canopy where the Rabbi reads from the Torah. Also, the marriage becomes official when the partners give something of value to each other, such as rings. In Islam, many marriages are logical and polygamy is allowed.They see marriages as a way to gain political advantage and to tie one family to another. This is not the case with Christianity. When you marry under God in a church, they do not permit divorces unless the wad are dire. You exchange rings as a sign of the vow you ha ve given to the other person. Also, you are a couple under God and are expected to baptise your children. When it comes to death in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, there are different ways to go close it. In Judaism, a shitting shivah takes place, where the family member mourns for a period of seven days.In Islam, the family member is quickly wrapped and buried. They are indeed pointed towards Mecca, which holds the sacred Kaaba. They also believe that the last words on your lips should be the Shahada. In Christianity, they hold a mass where families and friends can go to mourn as one. If lucky, you are blessed by a Priest, which relieves you of your sins. This is called anointment of the Sins and Last Rites. The beliefs of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are quite similar. They each have a different take on early(prenominal) events. Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people believe in monotheism, stating that there is only one divine God.Muslims and Jewish people claim that Chri stians do not believe in one God, seeing as they think God exists in three different ways the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christians call this the Trinity. In Judaism, they do not believe that Jesus rose from the dead, is the Son of God, or was born from the Virgin Mary. In Christianity, they believe in all of those points. In Islam, they believe that while Jesus was the Son of God and was born from the Virgin Mary, He did not die on the cross but was rather brought into heaven by God. People of Jewish faith think that Jesus was crucified due to this claim of being divine.Choosing to disregard the claim that Jesus is the saviour, they believe that their saviour will come one day and will unite the world and bring peace to humanity. Muslims believe that the Kaaba, a sacred cube located in Mecca, is Gods house and is located at one time underneath heaven. They trust that the point to life is to live in a way that pleases Allah to gain a spot in Paradise, which is their heav en in the afterlife. The meat of life for Christians, though, is to seek divine salvation through the grace of God and to become one with Him.People of Jewish faith believe life should be spent helping humanity and fellow neighbours. Christianity believes that every human has inherited original sin from Adam, meaning that people have a tendency towards evil. This is in comparison to Judaism and Islam who believe people are undefended of both good and evil actions. In comparison to Christianity and Judaism, prayer rituals are taken very naughtily in Islam. They believe in prayer five times a day dawn, midday, afternoon, sunset, and evening, which is called the Salat.This is similar to Orthodox Judaism in which they pray in formal worship services three times a day morning, afternoon, evening. They pray the Shema, which is the most important prayer in Judaism. Before prayer, Muslims wash up to their legs up to their knees and their blazon up to their elbows to cleanse themselves. This is a bit similar to Christianity, which uses blessed holy water to pray with out front entering mass. This blesses ones self, recalls the baptism, and forgives sins. Each Islamic prayer is directed towards Mecca where the Kaaba is located, which they believe is loca ted directly under heaven.Women and men pray in parallel lines at separate times, and they pray on rugs to keep themselves clean. Also, there are certain guidelines that women and men need to follow in terms of what to wear to mosque. For example, a woman should not wear clothes that attract attention. In the European Christian Churches there are many dress codes one would need to follow. This is not the case in most Western Churches. The formalities have lessened and one can wear jeans to mass without causing uproar, which is much different from Islam. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are similar religions when it comes to beliefs.While they have diverse opinions and take place in countries all over the world, the se well known religions are revered for their perseverance. All three are valid religions, which, through different takes on then(prenominal) events, have moulded into what they are today. For example, while Christianity and Islam choose to believe that Jesus will come again, Judaism chooses not to. This take on a past event has shaped Christianity and Judaism greatly. Also, Islam has a different view of womens rights and placement in society in comparison to Judaism and Christianity.I think that while Islam and Christianity are completely opposite when it comes to rituals and strictness, they are very much similar in terms of beliefs. Although Judaism and Islam originated from the same family tree and Judaism and Christianity coincide on many events, such as their origins, I believe that Judaism is the most different of the three due to its views about Jesus. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are all completely different religions from an outsiders point of view. Yet, when you loo k at all three of them in depth, a person can find many of the same characteristics.

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Good for Another Essay Example for Free

Good for Another EssayWe were in our final year in secondary school, and we were asked to pay for WAEC and NECO fees. Some paid for WAEC only, some paid for NECO only, while some paid for both. terzetto hebdomads before the last date, me and my friend went let on for break, though it was prohibited to eat your breakfast in the syllabus but me and Ada often eat there. That day, when we went into class, we were surprise to see one of our classmate Sarah exacting. We asked her why she was blatant and she told us her parent cannot afford to pay for her WAEC or NECO fees. I was touched by the way she was crying and I promise her I would pay for her, I told her I would tell my parents and I was sure they impart pay for her. Me and Ada told her to wipe her tears before the rest of the student came in from break.That day, when I reached kinsfolk I told my mother about it and she promised to pay for her WAEC only, that she would make water me the money in two days.We all gradua te from secondary school and we all made our result and almost all of us furthered our education to Universities of different types. I woolly-headed contact with Ada and Sarah since then but, you know Life have to go on.I was at the school caf one day when I saw Sarah, oh my God I cant believe I was seeing her, we were so happy to see each other again subsequently our life in secondary school. We talked for so long, and through our chatting I discovered her Dad was now rich, and she was analyze Law. We exchanged phone numbers and hostel Numbers. We became friends again.At the end of second semester in school, I went nursing home only to find out my father was dead, he was hit by a bus the darkness before the day I came home. I wept, oh my God I did not only wept because I lost my father, I also wept that my education powerfulness stop, I wept that all my days in school might be wasted. I wept that I fell sick and was admitted at the hospital for a week. A week after I was di scharged from the hospital, I heard registration for next semester will be closing in one week. I told my mother, but she told me she cannot afford the fee. I was devastated, I was afraid that my greatest disquietude is coming to reality. I decided to go to Sarah for support, but to my greatest surprise, she told me she wanted to use the money she had for some function else. It hurts me so much that I wept right in front of her. All she could tell me was she cant give me the money.I wept home and told my mother what Sarah told me, she could not believe this, she could not believe this was the girl she helped some years back. She told me to wipe my tears, and that life goes on. I was dropped out of school and I started apprenticeship in a beauty parlor let on not far from our house. After two years, I invested my own salon and with more effort and the help and support of my mother, my shop grew up. My salon became one of the best of the well known salon.I was in my salon one day when Ada came in, I did not even notice her. I was busy workings when I heard someone call my name, I turned and saw Ada, I shouted and hugged her. Oh Goodness, I was seeing Ada again after so many years. We chatted for a while and she told me she saw Sarah, she told me Sarah was dropped out of school and arrested by the Police, that she was caught with Cocaine. I told her what happened to me, how I was dropped out of school, she was surprise that Sarah could do such a thing to me, me of all people.I told her I was well over it, and Sarah deserved all that happened to her. Though I am successful in life but, I will never forget how I was dropped out of school. I may forgive Sarah but, I will never forget what she did to me.

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Stock Market Research Paper Essay Example for Free

Stock Market look into Paper EssayBrooke Boll Boll 1 Ms. Huneke English 2A January 24th 2010 Americas All Time suffering The United States of America has always been kn experience as a very strong, free, wealthy country. People completely(a) in wholly over the world immigrated to the U. s for many reasons one of them being the freedom and the opportunity to choose their own biography. After World War I the United States of America went through a wide sparing expansion because of the new technology. The deport foodstuff benefited hugely to all this money the country was making. many state began putting money into stocks to make a fast killing.Most of these people never even sight that what was about to happen was even possible. The stock market will always go up is what everyone cerebration and never realized that it would soon come crumbling down. In September of 1929 the stock market hit an all time low which resulted in one of historys greatest stock market disast ers (Quinn). As everyone knows what goes up must come down there for in October of 1929 the market began to chime in. Even though almost people did non own stocks the effects of the stock market crash were not limited to stockholders(ABC-CLIO).The stock market crash affected the whole entire country. This down fall was one of the major factors that caused the great depression. After ten years of soaring values, Wall street Boll 2 commodities plunged to frighteningly low depths on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929. The stock market collapsed in a frenzy of selling in which a repose 16 million shares were dumped (Wukovits, 19). The millions of shares in the stock market being cut created financial issues for everyone. Very well-fixed business men lost money in their stock and started to raise tolls and cut salaries.Men and women all over the country lost their jobs and or saw their salary slashed. The unemployment percent skyrocketed and almost seven nose candy banks were closed in the year of 1929, and eighty-five thousand businesses went bankrupt between 29 and 32(Wukovits, 18). The unemployment rate was more or less up to 25% in the 1930s and did not drop back to 10% until the 1940s. Not solo did the unemployment ratio build but so did the amount of suicides throughout this time. The stock market affected everyone in the country due to the loss of money, jobs and homes.Homeless Americans then started to ride the rails. This was dangerous and when the railroads began to hire security that very much started riots on the rails. Thousands of deaths were caused by jumping on and off train cars just to have somewhere to sleep. Americans all over could not pay for everyday things because they have lost so much money. I knew the depression had really hit when the electric lights went out. My parents could no longer pay the one dollar electric prime (ABC-CLIO).Prices of almost everything dropped hoping to fix the economies problems but with the salaries gett ing cut and jobs being lost the amount of income for most families could not even pay for basic life essentials. A winter coat was only twenty Boll 3 eight dollars, but people froze on the streets. A gas stove was nineteen ninety nine yet people all over America died of hunger due to the stock market crash and great depression. At only eight months in office the president of the United States during this crisis Herbert Hoover believed that the brass should only play a small part in fixing the economy crisis.He try to persuade the people and work force of America that the economy was perfectly fine and to keep living life as usual. He begged businesses not to lower their prices or cut down salaries and he as well as asked workers not to go on strike. Hoover firmly believed that government handouts would make the people of America weak. In Hoovers eyes handouts would not allow America to come together and fix this problem. Herbert Hoover made commodious public works programs to p rovide jobs for unemployed workers.He helped establish the federal farm board to supporter farmers, the Federal Home Loan Bank Act to provide money for home purchases and the Reconstruction pay Corporation to provide financing for large businesses (Wukovits, 19). All of Hoovers ideas and plans to make the market countermand again could only do so much. So many banks tried to raise their interest judge on loans to brokers to raise money and help the economy build again but the stock market was like a roller coaster when it went up it fell back down just as hard. Many investors lost their life savings, and many businesses and banks failed due to their losses.One economist, Roger W. Babson, was the first to predict the crash he draw on evidence that consumers credit burdens were increasing, steel production was dropping, auto sales were falling, and some stocks were showing signs of price inflation. Other Boll 4 economists, like Irving Fisher, dismissed the markets downward trend as a shaking-out of speculators that would ultimately ferment stability (Galbraith). The stock market crash may have been one major cause of The expectant Depression but it was also a major part in American history. The crash started the correct of laws and led to the establishment of the

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College Pressure Essay Example for Free

College Pressure EssayWilliam Zinssers in his essay College Pressure published 1979, describes the presss Yale students sire economic, maternal, and peer/self- induced. He says that these hauls make students afraid to scram a risk and to try to coming back distinct paths. He wants them to believe in themselves and to try to bask their time in college. I have been a student at Reedley Community College for two days and the drive I experience as a student and a mother are different from that the Yale student experienced. The first squelch that Yale students and I experience is economic pressure. Zinsser explains that in the 1970s tuition, room, and board at most private colleges comes at least $7000 (par.12).He also explains how much pressure Yale students are chthonic, that even if the student whole works part time during school and full time during the summer, barely accrue $5000 in loans after iv years, loans that the student must start to repay within one year after graduation (par.13).Then, Zinsser goes on to say that no matter how hard the student works he or she will be under pressure to pay back altogether the money he used. I re youthful to this pressure, but in a very different way. Although the cost of school for me is relatively low, I have four kids that are away at college. Having four children needing help with tuition and books puts a lot of financial pressure on me as a parent. Also, having six kids in general, three of which are girls, is expensive regardless. The countrys economic disparity has left personal finances tight and puts me under a lot of pressure to make sure my kids have everything that they need and that all bills are paid. A nonher pressure William Zinssers mentions is parental pressure which Yale students and I timber but slightly different .It refers to the amount of pressure students get from their parents. The students are being torn between pleasing their parents and pleasing themselves.Zinssers mentio ns that often times students are walk to labs as though they are walking to the dentist.(par.15) Students are taking on majors in a course of study that they do not necessarily like, however, in order to keep their parents happy they take them on. They are under pressure because they want to please their parents but theyre unhappy they want to do. Because they arent doing what. Because I am an adult this pressure does not really apply to me. However, I do feel the pressure from my children. My children expect me to get good grades, as well as maintain everything in the house. When dinner party is not made on time because of my homework, my children get upset. They also complain about laundry not being done quickly enough. Although they support me, their expectations of me put me under a lot of pressure. The final pressure that Zinsser mentions is Peer/ self-induced pressure which are a pressure that Yale students and I apply on us.Students apply uncalled-for pressure on them by co mparing themselves to their peers. Zinsser mentions that a student he calls Linda who came in and said she was under terrible pressure because her roommate, Barbra was much brighter and studied all the time. This student is a perfect example of make an unnecessary comparison which melodyes her out. This pressure leads to students over work them-selves. A professor will assign five-page document. Several students will start writing ten-page papers to impress him.(par.27). Instead of just following the guidelines of an date they are trying to shoot above and beyond the requirements. I can really relate to this pressure because I do add a lot of stress on myself. I immediately lead everyone is doing better than me which makes me work harder, but at the same time it causes me to over work myself.I have to make sure all my kids need are done, and then I stay up late to make sure all my school work is done. This pressure affects me negatively because I add a lot of stress on myself t hat does not need to be added. Instead of focusing on my harvesting academically. I am al ways worried about who is doing better than me in class. A couple of ways I am trying to manage my stress is by making daily and weekly perturbation lists and putting the most important at the top and working my way down. Its a commodious way to manage my time as well.Being that I am a mother of six, my stress level seems like its multiplied by seven and I need to be sufficient to put some of that stress aside and finally focus on my schooling since my oldest is twenty-two and my youngest is thirteen. other great way I make stresses much manageable is by keeping procrastination to a huge minimum. If work that is assigned gets gradually done before the due date, it wont all pile up the night before causing you to panic. Stress always piles up and it occurs more than any of us would like, but it shouldnt be a reason to fail. By overcoming these pressures, we become stronger at the end.

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Stand Up And Speak Out Sociology Essay

Stand Up And Speak Out Sociology Es thinkWhat do you do when you know a friend, sister, stimulate, or child is creation horrord, mistreated, and neglected? Often times, the answer to this question is nothing. Wowork force from all over be existence abused, and no unitary(a) has a voice to stand up for them. What is the fear of lending a hand, offering shelter, or listening to a story, when the come income could be a life saved? The fury that young girls and women face goes largely unnoticed by a vast majority of people indoors society, and small numbers stand up for the cause to fight the abuse that females endure. Women around the world atomic number 18 still being treated unfairly, the justice system has failed them, and they argon takeled by a mechanism called fear.I pull in been doing a lot of research on delirium against women, and I pass water had a really close encounter with a type of violence that women face every day. Through the numerous amounts of resea rch, in-person testimonys, and videos, I have received that violence against women just has one requirement being female. ferocity against women does not focus on black or white, rich or poor, young or old, or even married or single. fit in to the National plaque for Women, Domestic forcefulness is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior in each relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and check into over an well-educated partner. in that celebrate atomic number 18 humany different forms of abuse that women and girls can suffer from, and stepping up is the only expressive style to stop it.There be many different types of abuse that women endure that range from verbal abuse to personal abuse. However, one of the most prominent types of abuse is physical violence. Many women from crosswise the world are controlled by physical violence inflicted by men, and even in some cases women. A Safe Place has describe that to the highest degree every nine seconds, a woman is physically abused by her husband. The World Health giving medication has reported that betwixt 16% and 52% of women have been assaulted by an intimate partner. In a upstart article that I read some battered wife who belt down, this womans husband would posture her for bills coming at the same time, for make waterting to pick up something from the store or even giving the ill-timed answer to a question that he asked. A Safe Place also mentions that 95% of assaults on spouses or ex-spouses are committed by men against women. The women that are being physically abused are dealing with being beaten with objects, burnt with cigarettes, being punched, getting flowered, and even being spit on. The abusers in the cases stop at nothing to harm the intimate partners.Many people that abuse in intimate relationships, are just seeking to be in control of the relationship. It is stated in Gendering Violence, For feminists, power and control are the core of male v iolence (McLeod, and Gilgun 167-193). We live in a world where gender roles are still embedded in a vast majority of peoples thoughts and minds. A womens work is so-called to be cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. In addition to this, women are expected to be passive and obedient to the every command of her husband or intimate other. This control mechanism that men strive so hard to have, is why many women are abused to date. This is typically referred to as hegemonic masculinity, which fit to Wikepedia refers to the belief in the existence of a culturally normative ideal of male behavior. In Gramscis Prison nonebooks, hegemony as originally formulated is ab stunned the winning and holding of power (McLeod and Gilgun 167-193). Power and control is what the integrity of a woman is worth to some men.A very controversial topic of violence against women in intimate relationships is marital rape. Some men believe that women have to always be voluntary and ready to per form sexual acts, and some women believe that it is not rape as well. Being woken out of your sleep, being touched when you dont want to, and being forced into sexual activity with a partner all fall under the category of rape. I have read several articles where women are sleeping with the person that they are in a relationship with and awaken out of their sleep to a body on top of them or wandering hands. It seemed that it took to be in the property to actually olfactory sensation how these women did, but the women in the articles felt violated just as they would if it was a stranger. In the National Violence Against women survey, approximately 25% of women said they were raped and/or physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, or date in their lifetimes.Rape itself, which has been around for ages, dates back to slave days. quite a little of Caucasian backgrounds would rape black women to enforce control over the black men. It left them hopeless, with a life that they could not do anything to value their women. Even to this day, rape is a major problem for women and young girls. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, which includes unreported rapes to the police, 232,960 women in the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted in 2006 (National Organization for Women). Rapes are rarely reported in fact the FBI estimates that only 37% of all rapes are reported to the police. Another disturbing fact is that in 2000, nearly 88,000 children in the United States experienced sexual abuse. (ACF 2002). Not even our children are safe, which is who we strive to protect and keep out of harms way each day. From testimonies that I have overheard, majority of the child sexual abusers are family members, and sometimes the father of the child. The women that I heard these stories from were adults, where the sexual abuse occurred historic period ago. The abuse that these women suffered as children continues to haunt them many years l ater. These child abusers dont realize the scar that they are leaving on the women and young girls that they are violating.A common thread in all of the different types of violence that I have previously introduced, are all controlled by fear. idolatry is what feeds the abusive nature of these men and women, who are inflicting abuse among women and girls. Fear has caused women not to come forward in reporting what is going on with the abuse in their households. Women fear their safety and the safety of their children. Women fear being left alone with no resources, money, or family to assist with the leaving process. Women also fear being disconcert or flexureed away from family or friends because of what they have experienced. According the to Bureau of Justice Statistics, only 36% of rapes, 34% of attempted rapes, and 26% of sexual assaults were reported to the police in 1992-2000 (Renninson).I go to say that women are still treated unequal because of the multiple variations o f abuse that women endure every day. Not only does a significant other abuse some women they are also abused by a justice system that is solely based around the hegemonic male figure that I have previously mentioned. When a father sexually abuses his child, the blame for this occurring is placed on a mother for not protect her child. The blame is therefore taken off of the perpetrator, and is instead put onto another one of his victims. Since mothers are supposed to nurture and protect, it is not in the norm of our society for anything to happen to our children. I have recently watched a video where children have come forward and admitted that their father was sexually abusing them, and custody was ripped from these mothers. Im not talking about unproven or undocumented allegations, these children have seen plenty of doctors who have verified with courts that misconduct was going on. But because court systems are based around men, the thought of a father lacking to take care of hi s children ultimately deems him the fit parent. Judges didnt care one bit about what these children were going through, because fathers just wouldnt behave in this manner. In Regulating Womanhood, it was stated children tend to be safest from sexual abuse in the absence of men, but it is in part mens detachment from children which makes them a threat when they return (Regulating Womanhood Historical Essays on Marriage, Motherhood and Sexuality 53-77). A mother is expected to keep the child away from the abusive situation no matter what her stability situation whitethorn be.Another injustice that women are facing is a lack of protection, to assist them in leaving a bad situation. If you are a prostitute, lesbian, handicapped, or deaf, your protection services are pretty often limited. Shelters dont have the proper equipment to assist deaf or handicapped victimized women, and they turn away lesbians and prostitute. Does protection from a violent situation come with a face, a sexual preference, or a completely functioning body? If we cant attempt to protect every kind of women being victimized what are we really doing? Doesnt every women deserve to be treated with the same respect and dignity as the next? Women are scared to leave an abusive situation when the reality is that they may have no money, no food, or a warm place to sleep at night. So turning away minority women is hurting us as a whole, not just as individuals.Have you ever jaywalked, played your music too loud, or parked your car on a street all night? The offenses just named have the equivalent charge as punching your girlfriend in the face or breaking your wifes ribs. What does that say to you? Speaks of one of the most injustices that plenty of women face everyday. Cheryl Winters recited, It is hard for abused women to find justice, you see, when our lives hold the same respect as someone found immoral of vagrancy. If abusing your significant other holds the same consequences as a misdemeanor , what does that speak to men but of the minor value of a woman? Things implemented to help protect women, are actually benefiting men help get around the system.Im sure once or twice you have come across stories or headlines about battered women who kill. These are the women who saw no other way out than the kill their intimate partners. These women feel that this is the night that he is going to kill me. This is when the mentality of rather him than me mentality begins to kick in. The opinion of certain men about the dominant role that is associated with the hegemonic role is so disturbing. William Blackstone many years ago stated if the baron kills his feme it is the same as if he had killed a stranger or any other person but if the feme kills her baron, it is regarded by the laws as a much more atrocious crime, as she not only breaks through the restraints of humanity and conjugal affection, but throws off all subjection to the place of her husband (Schneider). This again res ults back to the control that man is supposedly entitled to, and it shows how strong the belief was in the dominance of man. Main arguments in women who kill their partners are battered women syndrome and or self-defense. Schneider stated that work on self-defense for battered women who kill has been premised on the notion that self-defense requirements of reasonableness, imminent danger, and equal force are sex biased. I completely agree with this statement seeing as equal force between a man and woman is highly unlikely and the fact that a woman is acting out of the norm of a womans traditional role is unreasonable.In plenty articles and movies that I have viewed and read, women are getting charged more harsh and men more lenient. Actually Schneider has an article where a man got 18 months in a work release program for killing his wife after catching her sleeping with another man. The judge stated that he could only imagine nothing that would put up an uncontrollable rage greate r than this for someone who is happily married to be betrayed in your personal life, when youre out working to support the spouse (Schneider 117). Here we see once again an exception for a man to violate his intimate partner, even if it results in killing her. Since a woman is supposed to call for openly that her partner is cheating on her, for her to act in killing is atrocious, but for a man to act in the heat of the moment is absolutely normal. Whats acceptable for a man is of drift unacceptable for a woman.I have learned that more needs to be done to protect the women in our country. The things we value and believe in need to be change to fit the new way of living. It has become clear to me, that men value money, control, and structure more than they value of women. We need to do more to continue and widen protection for women. We need to learn how to stand in, step up, and speak out