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Up the Down Staircase Review Essay Example

Up the Down Staircase Review Paper Essay on Up the Down Staircase I was lucky enough one day a couple of weeks like the American senior public school, I remember now, as it was not possible with my clumsy English (however clumsily her he somehow was even closer to the US), which means to write off, and how astray (building on our standards, more like the size of the institutes) were on some back stairs, stumbled upon the kissing couple and a man who with the English just was okay greeted them with a loud Excuse me! It struck course schedule, which was not the weekly and daily, for why people too much? Six subjects, one of which the exercise, the other a sinecure navrode Russian. And test, test, test And lets say the number of missed each lesson and how many of them due to illness already happened in Russia count as the percentage of the quality and other exceedingly useful statistics. A voluntary-compulsory excursion or the alignment of the entire school by line of the arrival of the top leadership, which has forgotten to inform that his plans h ad changed. Running the name of the native educational agencies, not the worst among other things, a madhouse. Etc., etc., etc. As in this routine, the paper hectic, overcrowded classes is not lost to the teacher? Frankly to me it is a mystery. Probably should really be calling for life and nothing else. At Kaufman turned on one side and about the American school, a lot of the characteristics of, and on the other and about the school in general. Themes and wonderful happened. I can only agree to the view that teachers should read. I think parents and does not hurt, let alone the fact that it is necessary to read the students decide to let the teacher in order to read helped move up the ladder. We will write a custom essay sample on Up the Down Staircase Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Up the Down Staircase Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Up the Down Staircase Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Up the Down Staircase Review Essay Example Up the Down Staircase Review Paper Essay on Up the Down Staircase This remarkable book published in this country in the year I was born, began to read for only one reason: her granddaughter wrote one of the most beloved writer Sholom Aleichem. I did not regret that picked up this funny, truthful book, consisting of letters, school administration orders, announcements. These documents reflected his short life is completely different people . Detained for violation of the rules of me, walked up the stairs leading down to the comment and replied audacity. This circular and prompted Bel Kaufman on the idea to write a book about the school, a young teacher who could wait for a brilliant academic future of its students, who are lucky enough to learn from this Master of Education in the United States, in which the order of no more than our own. This book is about how hard it is sometimes to understand each others teachers and pupils, especially in the mass school, lessons of kindness that will never go in vain. Children almost always sincere to the teacher ( Such Moore I and the dog did not give to read! says one of the students of Miss Barrett on the Odyssey), it feels false and does not forgive her ( Some people just are not tailored to be teachers too. old and nervous. ). But they all meet even the tiniest of attending to him ( I will never forget one of the sixth grade of elementary school. She drilled us, and sometimes its great fell, but despite this her character, a strange thing happened at the end of semester: we all surrounded him and kissed her ) We will write a custom essay sample on Up the Down Staircase Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Up the Down Staircase Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Up the Down Staircase Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Read this book and you realize that the real teacher will always remain with their students, no matter what the prospects were waiting for him in the scientific field.. Still, we, the teachers, the most rewarding profession! P.S. The book is preceded by a great introductory article written by Bel Kaufman itself. Of her most memorable funny translation of the name works into different languages: Swedish, it sounds Hi, girl! In Finnish Top of the bathing ladder in Italian Up the slope, in one of the pirated editions upside down the stairs. So write after that.

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Harry Potter essays

Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter essays Although numerous critics have trashed the latest film versions of these major British works, J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series and J.R.R. Tolkeins Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy are strong representative models of universal and classical literature, valuable to academics and laymen alike. Allusions in Harry Potter, such as the King Arthur and Excalibur legend, are modeled in the scene with the giant Basilisk fight and the triumphant sword from the Sorting Hat; King Arthur, the legend is so widely used in media, societies young and old around the world are able to identify the classical themes of strength and of power of good intentions over pervasive evil. Likewise, Homers Odyssey, being one of the oldest pieces of world literature still popular today and having entertained readers foe millennia, exhibits a basic and universal plot of the epic hero overcoming impossible odds to achieve a noble goal and this is a comparison between Odysseus epic journey through the Mediter raneans numerous mythological obstacles matched with Frodos expedition through Middle Earth returning the one Ring for Mordors destruction. The names used in Harry Potter are of Latin ancestry, such as Minerva McGonnagoll, meaning goddess Athena head of crafts, war, and wisdom, and this not only shows the allusion to the name Athena, but helps all readers understand Minervas importance in the novel. Wisdom, a major theme in both novels, common to almost every novel and a universal and classical desired trait for most communities, is implied by the head wizard, Gandolf in Lord of the Rings, meaning wise old shaman with a flowing beard and magical powers. One of the major morals taught in the novel Harry Potter is self-sacrifice, putting oneself voluntarily in a problem situation to better everyone, shown at the climax when Harry leaves his friend behind at the chess game to pursue Vol...

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Global Financial Stability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Global Financial Stability - Essay Example When the FED raises interest rates the value of the dollar tends to go up. â€Å"An increase in the foreign exchange value of the dollar, in turn, would raise the price in foreign cur ­rency of U.S. goods traded on world markets and lower the dollar price of goods imported into the United States† (Federalreserve) The growth of the U.S banking industry oversees has been significant since the 1950’s. In 1950 there were seven U.S. banks operating oversees with 126 branches; by 1976 the U.S. had 731 branches abroad (Fieleke). In 1978 the value of the total assets of U.S. banks oversee had reach $306 billion which is nearly 100 times higher than its asset balance 20 years earlier. U.S. banks were motivated to expand oversees because the international branches had a higher return on investment than the domestic bank branches. The U.S. banks that operated oversees were able to steal market share from the local banks due to their superior marketing expertise. The balance of p ayments records and tracks all the financial transaction made by consumers, government, and the business community with other nations. It measures the amount of imports that entered the United States territory. The biggest imported of goods in the world is the United States. The reason for this phenomenon is the high gross domestic product per capita of the people and the consumerism culture of American citizens. The United States has taken advantage of its banking industry to generate money oversees. The U.S has also used its power and economic resources to lend money to other countries to help in their development process. The U.S has used its banking industry as a tool to improve its diplomatic relations with many countries. For instance the U.S. controls Panama and the channel since they have provided a lot of the money used for expanding the canal which is extremely important for the trading activity between North and South America. The FDIC was created in 1933 and at the time it guaranteed the client’s money up to $2500. Today the FDIC guarantees deposits up to $250,000. The FDIC insurance was very instrumental in the growth of the banking industry during the past 50 years. Foreigners felt a greater level of security depositing their money in U.S banks because their local banks could not offer the types of guarantees in their deposits that the U.S. banks could due to their FDIC insurance protocol. In the 1980’s approximately 20% of the deposits of U.S. banks came from its international branches. During this decade there were inflationary forces in the U.S economy. At the time the government created The Emergency Credit Control Act which gave the Federal Reserve virtually unlimited powers to alter the nature of financial services available in the economy during emergency periods (Hester). The Reagan Administration did a bad job of controlling interest rates, but his tax cut initiatives during the early part of the 1980’s helped apprec iate the value of the U.S. Dollar in international markets. A lot of restructuring of banks occurred during this era. The United States during the 20th century was the biggest international player in the banking industry. The country’s banking sector aggressively expanding into the foreign territory to take advantage of foreign

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Compare and contrast WHY WE CAN'T WAIT to IF YOU WERE ONLY WHITE Essay

Compare and contrast WHY WE CAN'T WAIT to IF YOU WERE ONLY WHITE - Essay Example Why We Cant Wait primarily highlights the concerns of Martin Luther King Jr. for the black community in the United States; African Americans. The ultimate issue is the integration of the black community in the American society in terms of having their rights and freedoms observed. The year 1963 marked a critical time for the concerns spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. Specifically, Emancipation Proclamation was meant to mark a new beginning in accounting for equality between the whites and the blacks (Weatherford 81). The proclamation was meant to bring to an end years and years of slavery and segregation of African Americans. On the other hand, If You Were Only White highlights the experiences of a baseball player by the name Satchel Paige. Paige was an African American who had become a successful baseball player, climbing up the game ladder to outperform both white and black baseball players (Partridge 294). He too, just like the rest of the black community, suffered the impacts of segregation. Amid this, he stood out for what he believed was right and good for the society. His fame and performance along his career line had broken racial ties in the United States between 1920s and 1980s. While Martin Luther King Jr. and his associates pushed for Emancipation Proclamation, Satchel Paige was using his baseball career to try and unite the American people beyond racial limits. King felt that the freedom of the black community had been delayed for a hundred years if not more (Weatherford 137). As a result, he fought for the freedom of African Americans and advocated for equality in the society. Even with emancipation, the facts of the matter were yet to be operationalized in Birmingham and beyond. This aspect provides the reason why the blacks felt they could not wait any longer. For Satchel Paige, his influence in the American society has caught the attention of both whites and blacks. The context of the arguments made in If You Were Only White refers to a

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Economic Change Effect Frauds Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Economic Change Effect Frauds - Research Paper Example The enormous preponderance of fraudsters gets an action to hide their crimes. Consequently, several frauds might not at all be trapped. Other strategies might be committed for years previous to they are exposed. In addition to, still amid those that are noticed, a great figure of cases would never be accounted, permitting them to stay concealed from the public eye. Therefore, no precise calculation of the height of fraud throughout the contemporary recession could subsist. However, examining the relationship between frauds along with a diluted economy is an important attempt. To obtain a pulsation on how the economy is touching fraud tendencies, the ACFE left to the professionals who are in the ditches hostility fraud on an everyday basis. By reviewing anti-fraud experts about their knowledge and explanation, we expect to increase the number of imminent into the association between economic downswings and misleading action (Galbraith 2004). Evaluation The height of fraud has enhanced given that the starting of the economic disaster. We inquired peoples to contrast the stage of fraud they meet up throughout the 12 months previous the review (from near the beginning 2008 throughout early on 2009) to the figure of frauds they have seen or practiced in former years. Through recognizing alterations in the stage of seen deceptive action all through this age, we could collect a wide vision of the connection between the contemporary economic recession as well as executive offense (Galbraith 2004). To assist measure the degree of several seen alter, we subdivided the height of fraud into two metrics: numeral of cases and monetary shock. In addition, 49% seen an enhancement in the dollar sum lost to fraud throughout the similar era. At the same time as it is too quickly to obtain a obvious image of precisely how much fraud has started because the creation of the contemporary economic bend, the facts supplied by review individuals (particula rly when joined with the deliberation of how much fraud has not up till now been noticed) offers the first-class sign that fraud is certainly on the mount.

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Providing British Airways Plc with a strategic plan

Providing British Airways Plc with a strategic plan Executive summary: This essay is formed for the purpose of providing British Airways Plc with a strategic plan to apply over the nearing future. British Airways is the UK market leader in the Airline industry. It has faced ever-increasing competition over the past 10 years resulting attrition  in their market share. The report commences by analyzing the current internal and external environment of British Airways. Through strategic evaluation we have suggested that BAs focus on their primary service delivery to refurbish their competitive benefit within the industry. This will require applying a grouping of two strategies; a public processes strategy and a strategy focused on technological development. The public processes strategy was a consequence from a number of industry basis demarcating BAs turn down in customer fulfillment. The technological development strategy corresponds with the regeneration of BAs aircrafts and will further improve on the whole consumers satisfaction. Introduction: The main aim of this report is to direct British Airways strategically using the current strategic position of the company and the internal and external environment. After analysing the companys position both externally and internally using appropriate tools, a final design is created giving a set of strategic options to the company. Finally an appropriate strategic option is evaluated and the methods of implementation are discussed. British Airways is the UKs largest intercontinental airline. In addition to scheduled services, BA is affianced in the process of international and domestic carriage of cargo and parcels, and additional services. In association with code share and franchise partners, BA fly to more than 300 destinations, and carried more than 33 million passengers, earning over  £8.7 billion in profits in 2007/08. Employee population in March 2008 was 42,377 people. After being privatised in 1987, BA has been a competitor in the market and has held a place worldwide. In the recent, BA has been named the worlds first airline to take part in a proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2002 and to allow passengers to print online boarding passes in 2004. Willie Walsh became Chief Executive of BA in 2005. He has focused the company through the completion of Terminal 5 at Heathrow, amongst other new initiatives. In spite of global economic down BAs future as an international business organisation, looks promising. Current Strategy: The company uses 5 strategic goals for the year 2009/10. They are basically to be the first choice airline for the long haul premium customers, to deliver an outstanding customer service at each and every point, to grow their survival in key global cities, to gain a leading position in London, to meet their customer needs and to improve their margins through new revenue streams. Long haul premium customers are considered to be their key to their profitability. They will use their deep understanding of what is required to be their airline of choice to drive the design choices on product, network and service. They will also maintain a strong presence in the cargo economy and short haul segments, which play a critical supporting role. Their customer-facing staff will be passionate about delivering outstanding customer service. They are planning to build through a revolution in the way they lead, train and reward, so that all customers, on all routes and classes, enjoy a premium experience. They will invest both in improvements targeted at premium customers, such as service training, and in those benefiting all customers. They aim to provide the best global connectivity for customers. They will build their presence in the top global cities, either directly or through their expanding network of airline partnerships. Despite the fact that the established global cities such as London and New York remain critical, they will place a special emphasis on developing their position in the global cities of tomorrow. London is the worlds biggest and most competitive international air market. Ensuring Heathrow remains a world-class hub vital enough to give them a strong London base to serve the largest international long haul markets. To support this, they will look to influence government policy decisions, and work with the airport owners on the continued development of the infrastructure. 1. External Analysis: This section indicates the external environment of BA as it is very necessary for an airline industry to remain updated about the external environmental factors. It also highlights the position of the industry, its competitors, and its capabilities to meet the current and future challenges. 1.1 PESTEL Analysis: 1.1.1 Political: Heavy regulation from the UK government has been a major challenge to the company. Hence, it is essential for BA to comply to the rules if the company has to continue operations. Moreover, since the government has increased security due to past terrorist threats, sufficient security measures should be in position to ensure consumers self-belief and competitive advantage should be maintained. 1.1.2 Economical: Due to global economic crisis, world growth is projected to just over 2 percent in 2009. The value of Pound has begun to slide especially against the Euro. Possible reduction in the amount of business travel as companies are cutting costs and using alternative means of communication such as teleconferencing. Hence BA is vulnerable as an UK operating airline to a poor exchange rate. Oil prices have been declining by 50 % since their peak retreating to 2007 levels. Decline in fuel price will obviously strengthening of the dollar changeability in oil prices and exchange rates will directly affect BAs cost base. UKs consumer spending had its sharpest decline for 13 years between July and September 2008. Hence there is an expectancy of more intense competition in the near future. 1.1.3 Social: According to the national statistics online, The UK has an aging population since the past decades. Potential opportunities may arise, as older generations have more time to spend on leisure activities such as international travel. At the same time the increase unemployment may also led to increase in the bargaining power as an employer 1.1.4 Technological: A recent survey discovered that 34% of online clients plan to use price comparison sites more in 2009. This clearly reveals that there is an increase in consumer awareness and therefore bargaining power of the same may also increase. Online booking services and check-in is becoming popular in the airline industry. Hence BA must ensure that they stay up to date with these technological progress at the same time as avoiding becoming overly reliant, as this may separate certain consumer markets (i.e. the elderly) who dont feel contented using such technology. 1.1.5 Environmental/Ethical: New legislation is being implemented every year. Due to tighter environmental rule the operational costs may increase each year for the company. Hence, BA should be aware of both Noise pollution controls, and energy consumption controls. Due to limited land and for growing airports expansion is difficult. Further expansion at Heathrow is difficult as it may affect the Londons agricultural area. Due to this the company should concentrate on limited capacity aircraft and effective utilization of capacity. Failure to implement an incorporated environmental strategy could lead to an unfavourable effect on the BAs reputation and income. Cancellations of flights and loss of baggage, such ethical issues could have a negative effect on reputation if left unsettled 1.1.6 Legal: Limitations on mergers will have an impact on BAs proposed alliance with American Airlines. Recognition of trade unions and industrial action e.g. Cabin Crew strikes are necessary if the company has to withstand in the global market. Good employee relations are essential if BA wants to avoid industrial action and interrupted operations. Open Skies Agreement is a colossal opportunity for BA and its competitors to freely transport aircraft between the EU and US. 1.2 Porters Five Forces: It is imperative to analyze the competitive nature of the airline industry to measure the position of BA. The Five Forces tool will be facilitate BA to make strategic decisions in order to increase the effectiveness. 1.2.1 Competitive rivalry: BA provides frills for both long haul and short haul flights. Within long haul there is a little isolation between the BA and their other competitors, in terms of price and service contribution. The short haul market is more uneven with many small competitors. Strengthening of competitors has increased the competition. Direct competitive rivalry is severe, e.g. Virgin Atlantic has a website opposing the proposed strategic coalition of BA and AA. Hence it is found that BA does not suffer in its sector due to its competitors. 1.2.2 Power of Suppliers: BA is benefited by a high bargaining power since there are two aircraft manufacturers. The sole supplier of fuel to the airport is being permanently stopped by the company. The existing users get the top priority in landing slots according to their historic rights. Trade unions help BAs employees by providing them collective bargaining, in order to increase their bargaining power. Hence the power of suppliers does not affect the BAs efficiency in the means of its suppliers. 1.2.3 Power of Buyers: The company is found to be more concentrated on its suppliers than the buyers. This is because they have a very little bargaining power. Enhanced usage of internet has enlarged the awareness and interface between the customers. 1.2.4 Threat of New Entrants: High environment regularity requirements and high capital cost requirements are the new main barriers to the company. The failure of new airline companies such as XL and Zoom is likely to discourage new entrants 1.2.5 Threat of Substitutes: There are a few direct substitutes for short haul flights such as euro star and ferries. No notable substitutes can be found for long haul flights. 2. Internal Analysis: It is now important to analyse the internal environment in order to create the suitable strategies. 2.1 Resources and Core Competences: It is derived that a companys competitive advantage and superior performance is calculated from its independent capabilities. The resource based view emphasizing BAs resources and competencies is summarized below. 2.1.1 Resources: The company runs 245 aircrafts covering over 550 destinations. Additional services such as BA Holidays The London Eye Company, has been a fruitful resources for the company. The company is well equipped with an International Customer Database which helps them to keep track on the latest customer information. Partnerships Alliances with one world including American Airlines, increase the companys wealth against the resources. Sole access to LHRs Terminal 5 is a huge boon to the companys brand image. BA is renowned globally as a reputable brand, resistant by its long-lasting survival within the Industry 2.1.2 Competences: The company has its own training of ground school, flight simulators, and cabin safety training which holds the favourable part in its core competences. The company holds the capability to fly and handle passengers safely on different routes (Open Skies). Their subsidiarys aircraft never have more than 64 passengers per flight, with one flight attendant per twelve customers. They also hold the name as the first UK airline known as a training centre by the City Guilds, educating all cabin crew with NVQ Level 2. 2.2 SWOT Analysis: 2.2.1 Strengths British Airways is a well-reputed brand name that has achieved constancy and conviction from its customers. Modern culture enables BA to take full benefit of technological developments such as, online sales, in house check in. BA has a worldwide geographic exposure with excellent communication with strong international coalitions. 2.2.2 Weaknesses BA has however to have recovered from events such as the Iraq war, the 2001 and 2005 terrorist attacks because of its dependence on international air travel. But the hazard still remains. BA continues to have enormous debts. Recent job cuts may have a harmful effect on BA as in the past this frugality effect has resulted in understaffing and industrial exploit in 2004 and 2005. 2.2.3 Opportunities The increase of internet usage worldwide is likely to further expand BAs online customer base Value-added and pioneering flight services such as sleeper services, will attract more customers as customer prospects are heaving. The current UK government hassles Heathrow as a worldwide gateway and proposes a third short runway and sixth terminal be opened by 2020, which will also promote BAs brand image. 2.2.4 Threats Low-cost airlines continue to benefit from strong growth and power in the market and new entrants and the probability of them being issued with long-haul licenses could create a further hazard to BAs market share. The continuing increase and variation in fuel prices may threaten them with regards to not attaining a profit margin of at least 10%. Customers are still vigilant of the threat of repeated terrorist attacks. With the increase of rivalry in the low-cost airline market, more companies may focus their strategy on high eminence and hence increase the direct opposition for BA. 3. Analysis of Strategic Options: Based on the scrutiny performed the five most viable strategic options will now be measured further in terms of aptness, adequacy and viability 3.1 Strategic Option 1 Development to People procedures: The study highlighted the most recent negative attention both internally and externally. The Resource Based View and SWOT are identified as BAs public condemnation for poor customer service and impediment management and disapprovals following a number of unhelpfully handled employment associated cases. A people progression strategy may reconstruct brand image and stakeholders self-assurance. 3.1.1 Aptness: Looking at the current economic environment, unemployment is increasing. Therefore, the hazard of industrial action and acquiescence are less possible at this time. BAs current strategies are to stimulate, employ, support and develop employees, together with recuperating baggage handling and delay management. Enhancement in internet usage, with more consumers and self-governing services reconsidering and contributing feedback. Better customer relations may improve such systems. 3.1.2 Adequacy Staffs and consumers are expected to invest high interest into the growth of their relations with the organization due to the negative past experiences. Skytrax emphasizes that customer relations is an important measure for consumers when selecting airlines, increasing the prospective of high profits. 3.1.3 Viability The Resource Based View shows an global consumer database. Admittance to such information could help BA in market research and customer relationship development based on conclusion. The industry and organization is highly combined, and are likely to increase support from this exterior body when strategically increasing employee relations. 3.2 Strategic Option 2 Enhanced Environmental Position. As recognized within the PESTEL analysis, environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important. An involuntary strategy as a result could be suitable to construct an improved environmental place and go beyond the requirements of parameters such as the climate change. 3.2.1 APTNESS BA profits from a resonance brand image which would be further imposed by this strategy. This would make sure that BA remains a strong global contender by making sure they are meeting changes in socio-economic actions. Customers are becoming more environmental responsive and this strategy would at least make certain that BAs market share is not negotiated if competitors go in a parallel direction. 3.2.2 ADEQUACY Changes in customer choices point out a sharp anxiety for the environment. Therefore this strategy is short risk, especially when attached with a low scale of uncertainty. In addition, this strategy will make sure that BA is recognizing and meeting customer demands. As the necessities of environmental rules are repeatedly increasing, it would be valuable for BA to be the first hauler in the industry and make changes prior to any of its competitors. 3.2.3 VIABILITY Assets may be better engaged elsewhere, as spending in environmental strategy may not increase profits. BA must be certain that it will be able to successfully follow such a strategy as if it would not succeed it would be open to public enquiry which could break its current strong brand image. 3.3 Strategic Option 3 Enhanced Technological Position. The technological capabilities of an airline is increasingly disturbing consumer choice of airlines, from both holiday and business fliers. Better development of the in-flight services will improve their overall service, increasing long-standing profits. 3.3.1 APTNESS The in-flight entertainment amenities need to be greatly enhanced and become more consistent. This will guide to a long-term development in the number of passengers. Many of BAs major competitors are beginning to bring in basic internet facilities on selected flights. Therefore it is in its importance to keep up with the rivalry and surpass it by bringing in internet access on all flights. BA is at present on a service of one flight from London City Airport to JFK, New York. BA also needs to contend with other modes of travel, which already have internet capabilities. By applying the strategy, BA can refresh its image even as maintaining conventional principles. 3.3.2 ADEQUACY Wide-range testing has found the internet connection to be consistent, with loss of connection only taking place for a couple of seconds during unfavorable weather conditions. Project accomplishment takes only 3 days per plane. 3.3.3 VIABILITY Possession of the operations is less expensive and more dependable than the Abandoned Connexion service offered by Boeing. BA has a sagging resource in the technology section needed to apply this strategy. BA must implement this technology first time effectively otherwise, it will receive serious denigration and could mess up its long-standing image 4. Conclusions and Recommendations: On the examining the strategic options it has been determined that before growth strategies are followed BA should concentrate on protecting its current market place and attaining elementary service class. Based on this the people progressions and technological development strategies are believed most suitable for performance. British Airways remains vigilantly hopeful about its future prospects. However, it is sure that significantly more work lies further on if the airline is to accomplish their goals. The FSAS plan integrated by BA resulted in substantial cost savings, and also raised funds to repay debts. The objective of the FSAS plan was to achieve a 10% functioning margin and hence more recent cost cuts and job losses have been made by the CEO in order to achieve this. In air travel, the fact of success or failure depends on peripheral factors, with BA suffering badly in the consequences of the 2001 and 2005 terrorist attacks, the war in Iraq and the worldwide economic slowdown. However, the one most important external factor is the cost of fuel. Fuel costs are continuing to rise and this is likely to both corrode income and hoist prices for BA. Rising prices could rest BA in a detrimental position, particularly given the continued fame of low cost airlines. The CEO must understand that the important growth area for BA is likely to be in value-added services. In some parts, BA found that it could improve consumers experience while deducting costs, such as in its rising up of online sales. Other value-added services are likely to see mid-priced flights being improved, as air travel persists to become more competitive. On the whole, BA must continue to endeavour to reduce costs and improve customers and employee fulfilment.

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Hrm Between Hai Di Lao and Little Sheep Essay

Human resource aspect Hai Di Lao Trust and Equality Hai Di Lao few employees recruited from the community, most of the existing staff introduced to friends and relatives. They are all familiar with each other in the environment, whether good or bad, are easy to spread and grow. Hai di Lao try to implement a trust in the values of quality. More important than the expansion Hai Di Lao employee orientation is very simply, only 3 days. It is mainly about the lives of common sense and some basic knowledge of service. the real training is practical after entering the store. Each new employee will have a teacher mentoring. Rather than hiring external trainers, Hai Di Lao selects the company’s best performers to prepare new employees for the tasks ahead. They experience of values and human service concept, learn to deal with different problems than those of fixed service action norms more difficult. Employee welfare Employee compensation goes beyond financial reward, the company also looks after employee welfare – from high quality housing to company excursions to free education for children of employees. hey also cover the parents insurance for the employees who had good performance. Employee empowerment Full delegation of authority to the staff, can greatly stimulate the creativity of employees. For example, the services that Hai Di Lao provides for the customers, such as nail polishing, etc, were created by the staff in their daily work. In addtion, Hai Di Lao also provides that any of the staff is no need to consult the manager with giving customers discounts. Xiao Fei Yang Workforce diversity Now days, globalization is not of interest only to large firms, more and more companies are opening up foreign markets to international trade and investment. As a Chinese hot pot restaurant in Korea, it requires the employees to be international. The proportion of Chinese and Korean employees is 1 to 1, as what Hai Di Lao does, the new employees will have teacher mentoring. Especially Korea attached great importance to culture etiquette, the employees must aware of etiquette. Rewarding the staff With then part-time staff, Xiao Fei Yang provides a vote per month, the more satisfied customers are, the more â€Å"smiley face† the staff would earn. By the end of every month, two of the highest voted staff would get salary raised. And for the regular staff, if their performance are approved by the manager and customers, they would receive bonus. Dealing with customers If there is any issue happen between staff and customers, staff will immediately contact the manager to deal with, in the meantime, they will try to meet customer needs.

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Job Promotion Press Release

Ohio, approximately five minutes outside of West Milton, Ohio, has recently Just received a promotion at his local grocery store. Post has worked at this location going on five years now and has been offered a managing position. It will require him to put in more hours, but he will receive better pay, plus benefits. With this new position he will be in charge of opening up the store, along with closing; depending on what shift he works.Added to that he'll make ere other co-workers stay on task, as well as balancing out cashier's money drawers. Post will as well have to be trained on the cash register for when that have a rush of customers to be able to provide help. The previous position Post held was Just a regular customer service position. Post stocked shelves when new products arrived on the truck, conditioned the shelves, and bagged customer's groceries. Post as well would provide carrying out customer's groceries if there were four or more bags, or upon customers request.Every night before leaving Post would start his nightly responsibilities, which included filling eggs ND milk, sweeping the store, and taking out all trash. That Job helped Post get comfortable interacting with customers on a dally basis, and Improve his people skills. Post was approached by his boss before he left one day and he said, â€Å"what would you think If I said we'd Like to promote you to a higher position? † Post was more than (more) thrilled by this comment.Post's boss continued by saying, â€Å"you've shown some real dedication to this store recently, and you've received many compliments from customers. † With all this positive feedback, Post was more than excited to accept his bosses offer. Post graduated from Milton-Union High School In 2011, where he then continued his education at Sinclair Community College. Post later transferred to Columbia College Chicago where he Is currently attending as a Marketing Communications Major focusing In Public Relations.Giv en his Job promotion remains back In Ohio, his boss was more than understanding to allow him to accept It as a seasonal management position. Therefore Post will work there over his Christmas and summer months off from schooling. There are many GIG locations throughout Ohio, but the Chasten family Independently owns the West Milton GIG. The motto of the store Is â€Å"hometown proud. † The Chasteness want you to experience a hometown feel when you shop at their store. One of the mall reasons they still offer carryout boys for their customer's groceries.GIG specializes In the groceries that your family needs. They also happen to have one of the best dells around, a little pricey, but well worth It. – end – Job Promotion Press Release By specs_post comfortable interacting with customers on a daily basis, and improve his people you think if I said we'd like to promote you to a higher position? † Post was more than Post graduated from Milton-Union High School i n 2011, where he then continued College Chicago where he is currently attending as a Marketing Communications Major focusing in Public Relations.Given his Job promotion remains back in Ohio, his boss was more than understanding to allow him to accept it as a seasonal independently owns the West Milton ‘GA. The motto of the store is â€Å"hometown their store. One of the main reasons they still offer carryout boys for their customer's groceries. GIG specializes in the groceries that your family needs. They also happen to have one of the best delis around, a little pricey, but well worth it.

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Carl Rogers. Core Conditions Essay Example

Carl Rogers. Core Conditions Essay Example Carl Rogers. Core Conditions Paper Carl Rogers. Core Conditions Paper Carl Rogers. Core Conditions CARL ROGERS. CORE CONDITIONS. In this essay I will explore Carl Rogers core conditions and how these effect the personality change in a client using the Person Centred Approach. For clients beginning therapy the most important fact initially is the entry of a new person (the therapist) into their psychological environment. It is the building of this relationship between therapist and client, which will facilitate change in the client. This relationship is at the forefront of the therapeutic process. For this to occur it is necessary that these 6 conditions to exist. 1. That two persons are in psychological contact. 2. That the first person, whom we shall term the client, is in a state of incongruence, being vulnerable or anxious. 3. That the second person, whom we shall term the therapist, is congruent in the relationship. 4. That the therapist is experiencing unconditional positive regard toward the client. 5. That the therapist is experiencing an empathic understanding of the client?s internal frame of reference. 6. That the client perceives, at least to a minimal degree, Conditions 4 and 5, the unconditional positive regard of the therapist for him, and the empathic understanding of the therapist. Kirschenbaum and Henderson 1990:221. client, therapist, counsellor, conditions, own, regard, positive, feel, person, feelings, unconditional, very, rogers, relationship, being, therapy, empathy, core, acceptance, way, understanding, process, feeling, empathic, self, genuine, thoughts, first, experiencing, congruence, aware, therapeutic, felt, change, caring

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Battle of Cold Harbor - Civil War

Battle of Cold Harbor - Civil War Battle of Cold Harbor - Conflict Dates: The Battle of Cold Harbor was fought May 31-June 12, 1864, and was part of the American Civil War (1861-1865). Armies Commanders: Union Lieutenant General Ulysses S. GrantMajor General George G. Meade108,000 men Confederate General Robert E. Lee62,000 men Battle of Cold Harbor - Background: Pressing on with his Overland Campaign after confrontations at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, and North Anna, Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant again moved around Confederate General Robert E. Lees right in an effort to capture Richmond. Crossing the Pamunkey River, Grants men fought skirmishes at Haws Shop, Totopotomoy Creek, and Old Church. Pushing his cavalry forward towards the crossroads at Old Cold Harbor, Grant also ordered Major General William Baldy Smiths XVIII Corps to move from Bermuda Hundred to join the main army. Recently reinforced, Lee anticipated Grants designs on Old Cold Harbor and dispatched cavalry under Brigadier Generals Matthew Butler and Fitzhugh Lee to the scene. Arriving they encountered elements of Major General Philip H. Sheridans cavalry corps. As the two forces skirmished on May 31, Lee sent Major General Robert Hokes division as well as Major General Richard Andersons First Corps to Old Cold Harbor. Around 4:00 PM, Union cavalry under Brigadier General Alfred Torbert and David Gregg succeeded in driving the Confederates from the crossroads. Battle of Cold Harbor - Early Fighting: As the Confederate infantry began arrive late in the day, Sheridan, concerned about his advanced position, withdrew back towards Old Church. Wishing to exploit the advantage gained at Old Cold Harbor, Grant ordered Major General Horatio Wrights VI Corps to the area from Totopotomoy Creek and ordered Sheridan to hold the crossroads at all costs. Moving back to Old Cold Harbor around 1:00 AM on June 1, Sheridans horsemen were able to reoccupy their old position as the Confederates had failed to notice their early withdrawal. In an effort to re-take the crossroads, Lee ordered Anderson and Hoke to attack the Union lines early on June 1. Anderson failed to relay this order to Hoke and the resulting attack consisted only of First Corps troops. Moving forward, troops from Kershaws Brigade led the assault and were met with savage fire from Brigadier General Wesley Merritts entrenched cavalry. Using seven-shot Spencer carbines, Merritts men quickly beat back the Confederates. Around 9:00 AM, the lead elements of Wrights corps began arriving on the field and moved into the cavalrys lines. Battle of Cold Harbor - Union Movements: Though Grant had wished IV Corps to attack immediately, it was exhausted from marching most of the night and Wright elected to delay until Smiths men arrived. Reaching Old Cold Harbor in early afternoon, XVIII Corps began entrenching on Wrights right as the cavalry retired east. Around 6:30 PM, with minimal scouting of the Confederate lines, both corps moved to the attack. Storming forward over unfamiliar ground they were met by heavy fire from Anderson and Hokes men. Though a gap in the Confederate line was found, it was quickly closed by Anderson and the Union troops were forced to retire to their lines. While the assault had failed, Grants chief subordinate, Major General George G. Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac, believed an attack the next day could be successful if enough force was brought against the Confederate line. To achieve this, Major General Winfield S. Hancocks II Corps was shifted from Totopotomoy and placed on Wrights left. Once Hancock was in position, Meade intended to move forward with three corps before Lee could prepare substancial defenses. Arriving early on June 2, II Corp was tired from their march and Grant agreed to delay the attack until 5:00 PM to allow them to rest. Battle of Cold Harobr - Regrettable Assaults: The assault was again delayed that afternoon until 4:30 AM on June 3. In planning for the attack, both Grant and Meade failed to issue specific instructions for the assaults target and trusted their corps commanders to reconnoiter the ground on their own. Though unhappy at the lack of direction from above, the Union corps commanders failed to take the initiative by scouting their lines of advance. For those in the ranks who had survived frontal assaults at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, a degree of fatalism took hold and many pinned paper containing their name to their uniforms to aid in identifying their body. While Union forces delayed on June 2, Lees engineers and troops were busy constructing an elaborate system of fortifications containing pre-ranged artillery, converging fields of fire, and various obstacles. To support the assault, Major General Ambrose Burnsides IX Corps and Major General Gouverneur K. Warrens V Corps were formed at the north end of the field with orders to attack Lieutenant General Jubal Earlys corps on Lees left. Moving forward through the early morning fog, XVIII, VI, and II Corps quickly encountered heavy fire from the Confederate lines. Attacking, Smiths men were channeled into two ravines where they were cut down in large numbers halting their advance. In the center, Wrights men, still bloodied from June 1, were quickly pinned down and made little effort to renew the attack. The only success came on Hancocks front where troops from Major General Francis Barlows division succeeded in breaking through the Confederate lines. Recognizing the danger, the breach was quickly sealed by the Confederates who then proceeded to throw back the Union attackers. In the north, Burnside launched a sizable attack on Early, but halted to regroup after mistakenly thinking he had shattered the enemy lines. As the assault was failing, Grant and Meade pressed their commanders to push forward with little success. By 12:30 PM, Grant conceded that the assault had failed and Union troops began digging in until they could withdraw under the cover of darkness. Battle of Cold Harbor - Aftermath: In the fighting, Grants army had sustained 1,844 killed, 9,077 wounded, and 1,816 captured/missing. For Lee, the losses were a relatively light 83 killed, 3,380 wounded, and 1,132 captured/missing. Lees final major victory, Cold Harbor led to an increase in anti-war sentiment in the North and criticisms of Grants leadership. With the failure of the assault, Grant remained in place at Cold Harbor until June 12 when he moved the army away and succeeded in crossing the James River. Of the battle, Grant stated in his memoirs: I have always regretted that the last assault at Cold Harbor was ever made. I might say the same thing of the assault of the 22d of May, 1863, at Vicksburg. At Cold Harbor no advantage whatever was gained to compensate for the heavy loss we sustained.

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Hamas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hamas - Essay Example However, when the United Nations was founded in 24 October 1945, the territory has been being administered by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island under a mandate from the League of Nations in 1922 (United Nations 1). The League of Nations was the predecessor of the United Nations. The area of Palestine under the British was 27,000 square kilometers (â€Å"The geography of Palestine†). In the early 20th century, Israel did not exist. Mass immigrations initiated by the Basle Conference in 1897 and Zionist invasions led to the creation of Israel. The United Nations immediately after World War 2, on Jewish lobby, was concerned for the creation of a Jewish home in Palestine (United Nations 1). However, the position of the Arab nations at that time was for the separation of the issue of an Israel state and the issue of refugees from Israel. With the creation of a Jewish state immediately after World War II, however, Arabs lobbied for the establishment of an independent Palestine west of the Jordan River (United Nations 5). Unfortunately, there was no consensus on this in the United Nations although a United Nations committee recommended that Palestine be subdivided in three units: an Arab and Jewish states as well as a special status for Jerusalem---all three units under the United Nations (5). In 1947, United Nation Resolution 188(II) divided Palestine into 8 parts: t hree of the eight parts were allotted to Arab countries, three parts were allotted to a future Jewish state, one part (Town of Jaffa) was to form an Arab enclave within the Jewish territory, and the eighth part or Jerusalem was to be administered by the United Nations (United Nations 3). Zionists (through the Jewish Agency that lobbied for the creation of a Jewish state) accepted the resolution but the plan was rejected by Palestinian Arabs and the Arab states on the ground that the resolution violated the provisions of the

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Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 3

Annotated Bibliography Example The transition from the application of ratio analysis technique to other models of predicting bankruptcy, following the susceptibility of financial ratio analysis to financial difficulties, is advanced by the article, making it possible to trace the history of bankruptcy over a period of time. The article seeks to advance this study to include the evaluation of multi discriminant analysis (MDA) and Regression analyses, as suitable analytical techniques of evaluating the financial situation of a company, consequently displaying the bankruptcy risks involved. The article is relevant for this study, since it helps in tracing the evolution and advancement of corporate bankruptcy, with a focus on how corporate bankruptcy has been assessed over time. The use of bankruptcy as the recourse for individual and company debts is assessed under this study, with a focus on understanding how bankruptcy have been used to prevent individuals and companies from paying the debts. The article analyses the laws applicable in preventing the abuse of bankruptcy concept, evaluating how well they shield companies from facing bankruptcy suits. Notably, the article concentrates on evaluating how wealthy individuals and companies can use the bankruptcy concept as a loophole to help them have their debts discharged, and at the same time remain with their assets intact. Thus, the role of opportunistic debtors in advancing company bankruptcy in the history of corporate bankruptcy is evaluated. The concepts of involuntary bankruptcy and informal bankruptcy are also studied under the article, with the intention of unearthing the loopholes presented by these concepts, which can accelerate the abuse of bankruptcy. This article is relevant for this study, si nce it helps in creating awareness on various loopholes that have been applied to abuse bankruptcy in the history of company