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Each paper is on cultural relativism on the writings provided below Essay

each paper is on cultural relativism on the writings provided below - Essay ExampleThis fact cannot be denied that people believing in traditional healing systems will not go for bio medication if they have satisfying believe in their culture and folk medicine procedures. Their beliefs should be respected and they should not be obligate that they must intention the medicine that has no linkage with their culture. Even they should be facilitated with knowledge of their culture so that they can be provided with sufficient provision of needed support. AIDS is not a sm each(prenominal) or negligible disease as it keeps the capacity of killing a somebody. This disease is quite common in Africa and people make use of traditional or fold healing systems to get release of this disease. It is congenital for our researchers to make use of cultural herbal medicines and other ways of supporting people to get rid of their disease to facilitate the patients of AIDS with medicines that are no t only biomedical but also traditional. medical checkup anthropologists have researched the topic of AIDS by keeping social and cultural aspects in view and stir that the disease cannot be understood healthful without understanding the environment and culture of people involved. The writers Singer and Baer (2007) use a term bioculturalism to define the linkage amidst biology and culture and according to their view, interaction between cultures and biology can be seen well by studying health and illness. AIDS as a disease can be well understood by gaining knowledge of the culture of the people as culture informs us about explaining, sensing and experiencing about pain. Biomedicine cannot be successful for any diseased person until and unless, the culture, political status and environment, all are not well understood. Sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS involves cultural beliefs and practices. According to Singer and Baer (2007), disease expression is shaped by cultural val ues, beliefs and expectations (12). Therefore, the notion cannot be negated AIDS as a disease in various parts of the populace can be best understood, explained and cured by means of understanding the cultures of people. Culture plays a study part in giving value to its followers and also provides people with fighting against diseases in their declare constructed and reliable manners. References Singer, Merrill and Baer, Hans A. (2007). Introducing medical anthropology a discipline in action. Boulevard Rowman Altamira. Ethnomedicine The Worlds of treatment and Healing Ethnomedicine can be defined as a term that circulates all the kinds of traditional medicines and its study whether the medicinal procedures are well documented or not. However, the medicinal study and procedures that come under the title of ethnomedicine are well realized and people rely on them from centuries due to which, they are well reputed. The writers, Singers and Baer in their book, Introducing Medical Ant hropology give the rendering of ethnomedicine as something that has transcended multiple cultural boundaries, which means that ethnomedicine has got so much repute that culturally, it is well-liked in nearly all cultures. The writers use the term ethnomedicine against the term biomedicine, which can be defined as study of medicinal procedures and medicine that is adopted globally. Ethnomedicine also called

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