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Educational Needs Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Educational Needs Analysis - Research Paper ExampleThe hospital is situated in the centre of the city and and so it has quite a lot of incoming traffic in its emergency ward as compared to other(a) things. In total they affirm health function in cancer women related health issues, burn touch on, and diabetes center and as well as anesthesia and pain management center. It also has a ample blood bank and one of the biggest facilities that they offer is the walk in Huntington disease facility. This is one of the few hospitals to do so. Since the above mentioned facilities are the specialties of the hospital therefore they offer specialized training for the nurses. EDUACTIONAL NEED ANALYSIS Their hiring process is quite a comprehensive one. They hire nurses when they have done their basic education only. This is their only unavoidableness rest of the selection is dependent upon the assessment center alone. The Assessment center contributes a lot to the assessment of educational ne eds if they exist. In the assessment center they have a series of process that an applicant has to go through there are in all five practical steps and the ordinal and the net one is the written test. The written test comprises of five multiple choice questions and the second part of the written test is an essay. The essay has three move in total, the first part is about what field the applicant wants to choose for specialization, the second part talks about why and what made them choose it and the final part of the essay talks about the applicants existent knowledge about the field. Once the applicant is selected, they are given(p) the curriculum of the whole course and so they are to fill out a form in which they have to mention what they felt would be required and is not mentioned in the curriculum. This method is exceedingly helpful as the applicants are from all over states and as well as international students, they all come with their own background knowledge and insigh ts and this helps puff out the curriculum to be more broader and as well as comprehensive. If some if the things that have been mentioned cannot be included in the curriculum then they are given as additional training to the students (Deb, 2006). The needs for education or training was determined by conducting a full fledge study. It has been learned through preceding experience is that if trainings are forced upon the nurses then they tend to feel like rebels and they do not pay full attention and it ends up as a waste of money and resources and time on the part of the nurses. The training and development department of the HR department of the hospital conducts annual searches word wide and as well as locally so as to gather information about any new trainings and courses that are trending and then they put it up on the notice boards, if the training is very necessary then every nurse has to attend it and then they are paid overtime for the hours that they spend in learning. as well some of the courses are put up and the interested nurses voluntary sign in their names. They are given credit through bonuses and special recognition rewards, this motivates them (Deb, 2006). The other method that is used is through the doctors. The doctors are inquired as to what they feel further that the nurses should be equipped with and then necessary trainings are identified and the nurses are trained. The chief(prenominal) restraining factors in the case of further training or certificate courses

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