Saturday, June 22, 2019

Annotated Bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Annotated Bibliography - Essay Examplesults from their surveys that show lower levels of diabetes in some of the candidates that have taken up some of the healthier habits of the West, such as exercising and working out at the gym.It is an interesting source as it shows opinions, based on sound research and evidence to support twain the benefits as well as the losses of Western cultures and more specifically the Western health and dietary regimes, even if the research is portrayed in a basic format.Here is a slightly different source. Being a blog it will not be sound fact, evidence or faculty member opinion on the subject of Arabic and American solid food. However, it does portray the effects that alternative cultures ar having on Western culture. It also shows us the difference amid the Arabs attitude to food and the Americas attitude to food. The American shows ignorance and sees food as a pleasure hes greedy without realising it. The born-again-Arab sees food as the fuel f or your body. It is sacred and treated with respect. It is acknowledged as being from somewhere in the planet and as such deserves the respect they give it. They are careful with their foods and in so doing careful with themselves. As said, it also demonstrates the ignorance of the Western mind who hasnt taken the time to fully understand what connotations food has for Arabs. though this source does not provide us with characteristics on the foods of each culture, their nutritional value or any solid facts about either culture whatsoever, it does demonstrate another side to the arguments surrounding the different cultures and their native diets.The third website offers a more logical layout and provides the basic information and understanding behind Arab and Arab-American foods. Providing a rubric of terms and a variety of recipes the site offers readers literal descriptions, methods and pictures of actual Arabic foods and in so doing showing us its physical attributes. It also exp lains that Arab food

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