Sunday, February 10, 2019

My Development as a Writer Essay -- Reflection of my Writing

My position Literature major(ip) has helped me to achieve an outstanding level of appreciation, enjoyment, and populateledge of both American and British Literature. As a high school AP English student, I struggled by great works like Hamlet and To the Lighthouse. My teachers effortless lectures (there was no such thing as class discussion) taught me merely to hear the works as critics had in the past. I did not enjoy the interlingual rendition or writing process. As a freshman at Loras, I was enrolled in the exact Writing Poetry class. For the first time since tick school, my writing power was praised and the sharing of my ideas was encouraged by an enthusiastic and nurturing professor. disrespect the difficulty of poetry, I enjoyed reading it. Because of my wonderful experience in Critical Writing, my love for reading and writing was renewed and my confidence in my abilities as a pull throughr had been restored. I decided to take a stake chance on English by declaring Literature and Writing as my majors. Over the past three and half years, my love to read and write has been continually nourished and supported by the English department at Loras. Professors enlightened me to the real meanings and values of great literary pieces. Class discussions furnish by ideas and questions from both the professor and the students helped me to form my own ideas round writings and to think about literature on a higher level. My ability to analyze, synthesize, critique, research, and make my own judgments flourished because I finally had professors that truly were passionate about literature and helping their students. More importantly, the personal attention and wonderful feedback I received on my papers and assignments strengthened and honed my writing ... be ingrained to pharmacy. As a pharmacist, I will be analyzing the effects of medicine on patients, researching and developing new drugs, and studying the criticism of specific drug therapies and trials. While I may only see my patients through the windowpane at the pharmacy counter, I will be able to tie to them on a deeper level because the study of literature has helped me better watch human nature. In addition, literature has played a significant utilisation in shaping and affirming my morals and values. Consequently, I will bring a high standard of ethics to a field in which they are essential. Today, pharmacists are the most trusted professionals in the United States. I know that the passion, the skills, and the abilities that I have developed as a result of my English Literature major will provide me with a strong stern to build my pharmacy career.

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