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An Inspector Calls Essay

How does the way Priestley creates dramatic emphasis in the sacrifice up encourage the earreach to sympathise with his views?Priestley wrote An Inspector C tot on the wholeys straight after the blink of an eye World War. He sets the philander in the period just forrader the First World War in 1912, both were periods of a deal out of social change. Priestley sets out to entertain his earreach with a dramatic play full of suspense. Priestleys views in the play seem to be all nigh morals. That it is important to look after each other, and that all plenty should be treated equally and be able to dream of a better life. Priestley ensures that he gets across his strong socialist ideas. He offers the audience a rather foolish, self obsessed upper class family. By way of contrast he offers us examiner Goole as a rattling clever, classless hero of the play. During the play he develops just about char personationers as immoral and with limited intellect.Priestly adds dramatic ten sion to the play by the theatre lighting. In the beginning the room starts of in soft lighting, barely when the inspector arrives the lighting becomes brighter and harsher, almost like a spotlight shining, so everyone focuses only on him. He also highlights the contrast in the moneyed clothes of the Billings and the Crofts, also the lavish furnishings of the home compared with the inspector who looks relatively plain.Arthur Birling, who is the important character accused by the inspector, doesnt care about anyone unless they make him richer or improves his social standing. He is a stupid man and guesss amours in his speech which turned out to be untrue. The Unsinkable Titanic and that on that point would never be a war with Germany. He sacked Eva metalworker because of his greed and the lack of envisioning, he only want cheap aim (so more money for himself). He couldnt understand that Eva Smith postulate more to live on. He thinks that Geralds family is socially superior, s o he wants to impress them by saying he is getting a knighthood. Priestley does non make his main character very attractive and give him all the characteristics that are not desirable or likeable, so getting the audience to sympathise with his socialist views.One of the moments of dramatic tensions occurs when Gerald confesses to Sheila about his affair with Eva, and that they must keep it from the Inspector because he has no part in her self-destruction Im sorry, Shelia. But it was all over and done with, buy the farm summer. I hadnt set eyes on the girl for at least six months. I dont come into this self-destruction business. Sheila doesnt agree just as the Inspector opens the door he says, Well? Priestley is showing the audience at this point, nobody in the family can see any connections with their actions and the fate of this young girl.The end of act three is also dramatic as it is the moment when Eric turns on his throw parents and sister. He tells his mother she killed E va. Along with his baby, her grandchild and tells her she doesnt understand anything. Mrs Birling (very distress now) counters by saying I didnt know/ I didnt understand. Eric responds to this by almost threatening her You dont understand anything. You never did. You never even tried.Another point of tension was when Gerald said that the inspector wasnt a police officer. Mr Birling was very angry and repeated He wasnt an Inspector, but excitedly By jingo A fake. Mrs Birling acts as though she knew he was a fake all along, I felt it all the time. He never talked like one. He never talked like one. He never even looked like one. She acts as though she knows it all. This fragmented the audience and made them think and made them want to know more.The most dramatic scene is at the end, when after convincing the audience that it was a hoax when Shelia first suspects him was he really a police inspector? and Geralds confirmation was after he came back from his breath of odoriferous air that there is no inspector Goole then the whole thing become shocking. Priestly makes his play dramatic by including a termination with a huge twist at the end. The ending changes the play from a crime investigation into maybe something supernatural. Normally at the end of a play everything is sorted out, but not in this one. Priestly doesnt give an explanation about who inspector Goole was. This increases the mystery surrounding him, which lifts the inwardness of tension in the play.Priestleys play was very topical and pertinent in his day when socialism was sweeping the world and people were aliment in restless times. He wasnt particularly subtle about how he got his message across he didnt offer a balanced view. His main points concerning selfishness and greed are soundless as important today. Priestly survived the World War One trenches and this plausibly helped him form many of his views of the world. He taught us that you can have a huge effect by peoples lives on what y ou say and do, and that people can change e.g. Shelia and Eric changed from understanding what the inspector said so they change their views and feelings. We are all responsible for each other.

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