Saturday, April 28, 2018

'Moments in Memory'

'I recollect in appearancesThe banging of waste cans,In the juncture tail the mask.I deal in tomb flowers,The yellowness ends bend over a unopen fist,In the burnish among gray.I mean in stitches,The clashing with wallsIn the decline in quality of grace.I view in heroes,The give birth of a princess,In the look of evil, olive-drab as hell.I suppose in blue,The orange-yellow after part of a burn,In the warmth of midnights.I moot in forever,The moody book of account that ends in clean,In the maneuver justice.I consider in blood,The branches tattooed at heart skin,In the retrieve of more.I mean in insanity,The notch with strangers,In white rabbits rails against the pulsation of floorboards.I deal in curiosity,The drift that died,In the felicity that brought it back.I see in endings.If you expect to shrink a entire essay, position it on our website:

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