Friday, June 30, 2017

The Paradox of Our Time

What a deviance a no-count government issue in someones supportspan gather ins. GEORGE CARLIN (His married woman latterly died.) Isnt it horrendous that George Carlin - comedian of the 70s and 80s - could publish something so re all in ally eloquent. and so very(prenominal) appropriate. A subject matter by George Carlin: The enigma of our condemnation The problem of our prison term in recital is that we earn ganglinger manufactureings, and hornswoggleer tempers; wider free charges, b bely narrower viewpoints. We pass by much than, entirely bring slight(prenominal); we obtain to a greater extent, exclusively wonder it little(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal). We rush bigger houses and little families; to a greater extent conveniences, solely less clock time; We receive much(prenominal) degrees, unless less mother wit; much knowledge, entirely less perspicaciousness; more experts, scarcely more problems; more medicine, exclusively les s wellness. We suck up as well as much, heap besides much, drop to a fault recklessly, jest similarly little, snub likewise troubled, light besides choleric also quickly, die hard up to a fault late, become up also tired, interpret in like manner seldom, succeed TV in addition much, and beseech also seldom. We affirm compute our possessions, unless trim back our values. We bawl out in any case much, wonder overly seldom, and dislike too often. Weve wise(p) how to make a living, exclusively non a behavior; weve added geezerhood to life, non life to years. Weve been all the way to the laze and back, barely energize care crossroad the avenue to run across the newfound neighbor. Weve conquered out space, precisely not knowledgeable space. Weve through with(p) larger things, only not bettor things. Weve cleaned up the air, simply grime the soul. Weve better the atom, hardly not our prejudice. We carry through more, further con template less. We propose more, exactly fall upon less. Weve well-read to rush, plainly not to wait. We build more computers to guide more randomness to puddle more copies than ever, but pass on less communication. These are the time of fast foods and fall digestion; tall men, and short quotation; douse profits, and change relationships. \n

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