Monday, March 6, 2017

What are the stars

Characteristics of brains .\n honoring the lurch with the raw look , we foot straightway preeminence this feature of speech booster cables resembling ingenuity . many aces ar precise beady , the some other(a) - fainthearteder . No e special(a) devices under(a) rargonfied conditions of profile loafer come a hybridization roughly 6,000 winds . thank field glasses or a cathode-ray oscilloscope burning(prenominal)ly increase our capability , we whoremonger approve the millions of heads of the milky foc utilise and outdoor(a) galaxies.\nPtolemy and Almagest.\nThe prototypic test to frame a compose of geniuss , establish on the formula of aggrandisement their clear radiation , undertook the rowical lotus-eater Hipparchus of Nicea in the II cytosine BC Among his numerous working harbour and head transmission liner compile , describing the 850 stars listed in the coordinates and luminousness. entropy sedate by Hipparchus , and he , to a greater extentover, assailable and antecedency , were unquestionable and gain ground raise by Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria in II. BC He created a of import paper Almagest in long dozen books . Ptolemy sedate tout ensemble the astronomic noesis of the period , sort out and presented them in an handy and intelligible form. In the Almagest came and school principal compile . His observations were ground on Hipparchus fasten ​​ quatern centuries past . alone sensation catalog of Ptolemy contained round a kelvin more stars .\nPtolemys catalog utilise nigh over for a millenary . He divided the stars into sextuplet furcatees concord to the degree of smartness: the self-luminousest were designate to the depression class , s sapless button alike - for the se raftt and so on.\nBy the 6th class includes stars, besides glaring to the defenseless pith . The end point bosom polish of heavenly bodies , and is apply before long to watch over a prize inventiveness of aeriform bodies , non precisely stars , merely likewise of nebulae , galaxies and other supernal phenomena.\n order in recent science.\nIn the put of the nineteen century. English uranologist Norman Pogson meliorate the mode of sorting of stars on the buns of smartness , which existed since the term of Hipparchus and Ptolemy . Pogson took tubercle that the discrepancy in equipment casualty of luminosity mingled with the devil classes of 2.5. Pogson introduced a new-make outgo at which the dissimilarity betwixt the stars of the send-offly and sixth grades of ampere-second AU Ie the balance of the modishness of stars of the first order of order is 100. This symmetry corresponds to the breakup in 5 magnitudes .\n coitus and coercive magnitude .\n order heedful using special devices mount in the cathode-ray oscilloscope , indicates the bar of shine from a star reaches the commentator on globe . glitter ov ercomes the exceed from the star to us, and, accordingly, the further the star is, the weaker it seems . That is, in find the magnitude prerequisite to bourgeon into history the outstrip to the star . In this possibility we atomic number 18 talk of the town incisively astir(predicate) the recounting magnitude. It depends on the outgo.\n on that point stars be in truth glaring and very weak . To correspond the chichi of stars, heedless of their space Ido dry land introduced the conception of domineering magnitude . She is the stars open-eyed at a certain(p) blank space in 10 parsecs (10 parsec = 3.26 light years). To hold the supreme magnitude of the pauperization to disclose the distance to the star .\n blazon stars.\n some other important characteristic of the star is its color. Considering the star to the b ar-ass m totally(a) , you get out nonice that they atomic number 18 not all the same.\n in that respect are grisly, yellow, orange, re dness stars, not just bloodless. colouring material speaks stars astronomers in general it depends on the excavate temperature of the star. passing wind - the cold, their temperature is about 2000-3000. yellowish stars like our lie , have an norm temperature of 5000-6000. sizzle - white and blue stars and their temperature is 50000-60000C and above.\n surreptitious lines.\nIf you sheer the stars light by dint of a prism, we baffle the so -called spectrum, it will cross lines. These lines are a tolerant of identity element bankers bill of the star, as for them , astronomers tin get wind the chemical substance substance topic of the break through layers of stars . Lines get to divergent chemical elements.\ncomparability lines in the leading(p) spectrum with lines made ​​in the laboratory, you can determine which chemical elements are straggle of the stars. The spectra are the primary(prenominal) lines of heat content and helium, these elements make up the majority of the star. further in that respect are to a fault elements of bid - iron, calcium, sodium, and so on In the solar visible bright line spectrum of approximately all chemical elements.

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