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MODERNISM IN POETRY On the whole it was a reaction against post-ro opustic tradition and Georgian sentimental poetry. It reacted against: 1. The use of the iambic pentameter and traditional rhythms 2. The use of descriptive language, opposing to it the juxtaposition of images and the niggardness of words (see Imagism) 3. The romantic belief in the transcendental self: the poet is a medium, not a personality in the text Modern poets abandoned the logical sequence of thoughts and ideas in a poem and replaced it with a radical alogic flux of thoughts and sensations. Very ofttimes influenced by Baudelaires nightmarish use of metropolitan imagery, the Modernists spurned pastoral themes and replaced them with urban subjects and realities. The traditional landscape became a new cityscape. The city, often London, became an enormous image of the spiritual, social, and cultural decline of the interwar period. A sense of dis put to recoverher runs below the surface of reality. othe r Copernican feature is the fragmentation of the self. In the Freudian gentlemans gentleman of the 20s, the invention of the divided consciousness had important progenys for the poet. The great self at the centre of the universe of the Romantic era, linguistically equal by the pronoun I, was replaced by the idea of a fragmented, unstable, treacherous and irrational self, a self that was dominated not by entrust but by instinct. As a consequence of the disruption, cataclysm and insecurity cause by the war, the modernist vision of man was that of an alienated individual, at odds with and emarginated by his society, who lived a differentiate of life-in-death. Eliot and other modernist artists used the endeavorive correlative: a character, a situation, an prevalent object or set of ordinary objects which build up a symbolic expression and assume symbolic moment They in like manner adopted the Mythical manner: the use of myth or a mythic pattern hidden in the modernist w ork. The mythical content constitutes its sk! eleton, linking the various...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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