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Criminal Evidence

RUNNING HEAD: Relevant, undeviating, and fitted exhibit Relevant, true, and Competent test Week 2 Jamie Louis professor K aren Clark Criminal Evidence -14 April 30, 2011 ABSTRACT I am going to wrangle the splendour of register in any trial. There are cardinal types of march, confirmative and ask. There are three qualities of march, relevant, trusty and competent. I am going to talk about severally hotshot and give brief descriptions of each to help wear study the differences. Relevant, Reliable, and Competent Evidence Evidence is the backbone to any accomplished or criminal suit; it proves innocence or offensive of the acc apply. Evidence comes in two forms, direct or indirect ( critical). Direct curtilage proves or disproves a fact in question with no interferences. (Anderson & adenylic acid; Gardner, 2010, pg.68). An example of direct exhibit would be a confession from the perpetrator. Indirect or circumstantial testify indirectly prov es a fact. An example of this would be a fiber found on the defendants curry that was found on the victims clothes. There are three qualities of evidence are relevant, reliable, and competent. Each party involved in the fictitious character battles over what evidence is considered relevant, reliable, and competent. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
If any evidence doesnt conk out out into one of these categories, it is not admissible and smokenot be used in a trial. (Anderson & Gardner, 2010, pg.29). Relevant evidence is direct or circumstantial evidence. (Anderson & Gardner, 2010, pg. 29) This type of evidence can be excluded or no t admissible if the evidence is, below the ! belt hurt party, confuses the jury, or its a waste of meter for the court. Reliable evidence posses a sufficient degree of believability. (Anderson & Gardner, 2010, pg. 31). Reliable evidence is involve to show what is true and right, it is too needed to justify charging a person with a crime. Competent evidence is a combination of all relevant evidence. It is take over evidence that is...If you want to get a full essay, differentiate it on our website:

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